Repairing the windshield of the car

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When operating a machine there is always the possibility of a pebble or any other object falling into the windshield. As a result – a small crack or a nasty pothole in front of the eyes. At the same time, motorists react differently to the damage. Some – immediately go for the purchase of new glass, others – do not take any action and watch as the crack gradually “sprawls.” Still others (most enterprising) – trying to find ways to stop the increase in the crack and correct the situation and do the right thing.

At first glance, the damage to the glass may seem insignificant. However, over time, from the vibration of the body of the car when driving the problem place quickly expands, cracks branch and subsequent repairs will become more expensive.

In order not to exacerbate the problem, you need to repair the crack on the windshield of the car in a timely manner.

Specialists of the auto repair service note several reasons why it is not recommended to postpone repairs or replacement of the windshield of the car:

Because of defects on the glass, the road is difficult to view, which increases the likelihood of traffic accidents;

cracked glass is the cause of the failure of technical inspection;
due to damaged glass, the car lost its commercial appearance. Therefore, when selling a car, the buyer insists on a discount much more than it will cost to replace the glass.

Replacing or repairing a crack on the windshield of a car is not as troublesome as many assume at first. This is a common thing for a master specializing in this type of repair work. Still, owners of vehicles need to know the following.

The smartest solution is to repair the windshield. And really, why spend a large amount on buying a new product, if most of the small damage is repairable. Moreover, it does not need anyone’s help (including specialists at the service station) – everything can be done with their own hands. The main thing is to know the meaning and chronology of your next steps, as well as to take into account the tips in this article.

Repairing the windshield of the car

Glass inspection

The first thing to do is to carefully examine the damage, without nerves, panic and unnecessary actions. If the car is installed glass “triplex”, then nothing is lost – everything is repairable. In the case when there is only one small chipping or crack on the surface, you can fix the situation yourself. If the surface is covered with a large network of cracks, then there is no need to do without consultation, and possibly the help of specialists. Remember that you will always have time to change the windshield, so it is necessary to try to fix the situation.

Thus, the repair of the windshield takes a minimum of time, effort and financial infusions. So why not take a chance, because you can save significant money on the purchase of a new windshield? Just be very careful when doing work, do not take hasty steps, clearly adhere to the instructions and when in doubt consult with professionals. Good luck.

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