How to replace a broken window pane

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How to replace a broken window pane

Replacing broken windows – exactly what is to learn to do properly. Work with conventional window glass is quite simple (although care is needed ), but the replacement of glass in a window cover with lead decorative lattice  trickier task .

Her decision is available to anyone who is endowed with patience and a practical turn of mind .

Types of flat glass

Most of the windows in our window – a float glass 4 mm thick but small window panes can be 3 mm thick , and large – 6 mm and even thicker. Large glass windows and glass in areas that are not protected from shocks , such as doors, panels next to doors or low-lying , refer to one of two kinds of safety glass.

Tempered glass – one that is carefully processed , so it is more durable , and if broken, then into very small fragments .

Laminated glass composed of two thin sheets. between which is mounted a synthetic layer . If the glass is broken, his pieces are glued to this layer. In any case , such a similar replaced . If in doubt , take a piece of old glass , when he went to the store for a new one.

So when placing broken glass to avoid spilling debris , cover the criss-cross tape.

How to repair a broken window pane

Removal of broken glass

First, you must immediately remove the broken glass, do not forget to wear heavy gloves to avoid injuries to your hands . Collect the pieces of broken glass in a newspaper or cardboard box and gently knock out onto the street .

To Remove the dried putty , you can use an old chisel , it is not necessary to take a new job chisel , as it may serrated blade on the pin ( or pins on a metal frame ) , which is fixed glass. Pull out these studs or pins and remove all the old putty from the slots .

How to replace a broken window pane


Measure the distance in a few places between opposing grooves frame height and width. Dimensions window that you need to be 3 mm lower than the distance between the grooves. If the doubt, cut a template from cardboard and show it to the glazier . Count on the purchase of a number of new pins or clips to secure the glass in the frame, as well as purchase the desired type of putty : for wooden or metal windows .

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