How to replace the faucet in the bathroom

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How to replace the faucet in the bathroom

In our homes and apartments have a large number of simple devices and devices that can be changed independently, without the help of a third-party specialist. One such device is a faucet in a bathroom or kitchen.

Often the mixer becomes unusable due to poor water quality or not replaced in time of the main filter cartridge .

The most characteristic lesions mixer are as follows:

sand or other small particles scratch cartridge valves and the water starts to flow out of the spout , even when the valve is closed ;
breaks one of the threaded connections mixer ;
corroded and destroyed brass alloy , which is made from the most mixers.

The last two problems are most common for cheap Chinese faucet made ​​of brass alloys of low quality. Unlike products Chinese manufacturers quality European mixers made ​​wholly or partly of stainless steel.

How to Replace a Bathroom Faucet

Tools needed to replace the mixer

In order to progress to replace the faucet did not have to run it by one, then after another tool would be to prepare in advance all the ” arsenal ” that may be useful to you , and place it in the vicinity of the work area .

How to replace the faucet in the bathroom

So, you will need:

adjustable wrench (or better – two )
fum – tape or tow ,
Sanitary Linen,
graphite gaskets shaper (Tube )
Rubber gaskets  ½ and ¾ inch
a small container of water.

All tools and materials are readily available at any store format DIY, there is always a lot in household and the average family .

How To Replace a Bathtub Spout

Step by step instructions on replacing the mixer

To start shut off the hot and cold water in the old faucet . Once the valves on the pipes are blocked , it is necessary to drain the remaining water from the old faucet and relieve excess pressure . To do this, open both valves in the mixer.

After the water and the air will come out of the tap completely , release large nuts that secure the faucet to the eccentric adapters connecting the valve with plastic pipe water supply system. Old faucet is removed. Then you should evaluate the condition of the cams themselves – it might make sense to replace them as well , especially since the new mixer is also equipped with eccentrics – they will come bundled with any mixer .

Typically , the distance between the fixation points for the pipe in mixers is 150 mm if the actual distance between the output tubes differs from specified, then this inaccuracy can be eccentric to a degree level . To do this, pull up a bit , or vice versa – to let go of the eccentric and the displaced portion connection can take a central or on the contrary – an extreme position , thus increasing the spacing .

Once the correct distance between the pipes eccentrics chosen , you can proceed to the installation of a new faucet . To start rigidly fix the cams with linen and sanitary pads shaper . To do this, the external threads of the eccentric wrap a small amount of flax and the layer of graphite gaskets shaper either a conventional sealant. If any of these materials is not available, you can use the sealing tape ” fum .”

How To Replace a Bath Faucet

After that screws into the pipe both eccentric mirror accuracy. It is very important to do it synchronously , as in violation of synchronicity unions can take a position on an uneven level , resulting in the mixer after the installation will be skewed to one side. After cams are fixed in the correct position , and the center distance is analogous to the size of the mixer , you can proceed to the installation of the latter.

In fact , it remains to draw the two retaining nuts , but there is a little trick . In order to avoid damage to the finish of nuts , which is attached to the eccentric mixer , you can wrap them with electrical tape before you pull a wrench or pliers. Once the nut is fully attracted , duct tape should be removed.

That is , in general, and anything with the right approach and the right training “how to replace the faucet ” is quite decide .

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