report on the safety of plastic windows

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A report on the safety of plastic windows – And many of us do not forget about the wooden window frames are not always good quality . However , one can hardly remember now , when there were plastic windows , which to this day is a resounding success . With the advent of this unique product , and we got rid of many of the problems in the apartments has become warmer, and take care of Windows is now a pleasure. Despite all the advantages , and many of them are still concerned with the question of whether the plastic should not be a threat to human health ?

Import or domestic Why choose plastic

All those who faced the window frames and glass balconies and loggias, and we know how difficult it is diversity offers manufacturers of plastic windows to choose someone of their products can meet the basic requirements , and these requirements . Windows made of plastic , and invented and tested by the Germans , who know that vary in accuracy and pay great attention to product quality and environmental safety .

report on the safety of plastic windows

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With respect to domestic producers , then they often do not care about the health of their citizens , using recycled plastic raw material . Often use these materials in the manufacture of plastic panels . Out in this case turns out products that have an unpleasant odor , plastic, and moreover , quickly turn yellow and become worthless , and the windows lose their energy -saving properties . Plastic windows imported most completely safe . They do not emit harmful odors and do not change color .

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I wonder how society relates to household items made ​​of plastic , which can also be harmful to health ? Themselves plastic profiles differ slightly from each other in terms of quality and there is a difference in composition . As for the rumors about the discharge of harmful plastic , and some experts said that the authorized dioxin released from the plastic in very high temperatures , and this framework should burn at least .


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