Road geogrid: types, features, application

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Road geogrid types features application

A significant increase in the volume of domestic and international transportation by cars. The increase in loads on the roads encourages developers of modern road-building technologies to search for rational solutions. Of the profitable solutions is the reinforcement of road structures.

Geogrid has a wide scope of application in more detail:

Construction of highways

Repair of roads;

Construction of railways;

Strengthening of slopes, banks;

Hydraulic engineering construction;

Complex strengthening of soil and embankments;

Improvement of suburban areas and in a lot of other areas.

Types of geogrid

Glass mesh, basalt. The material is used in the installation of external layers of road surfaces. Products create gas-drainage capillaries when asphalt is installed on a concrete base. Significant melting points make it possible to use the geogrid in the process of roadworks using hot bitumen.

Polymer. The main difference of this material is the high elasticity and high strength of the joints of the nodes. The product is used in the construction of roads (in the ballast levels of railways and highways), in the installation of foundations and temporary passages in weak areas.


Geogrid is made of high-strength safe materials. Geogrid Sd 40 here has large cells. This universal material is used not only in the construction of roads. It is created from special threads of polypropylene, so it is implemented in rolls. Of the other advantages of the material, we note the following:

Long-term operation

Easy installation on any ground

Strength and guarantees of soil maintenance during severe cold weather and further thawing

Resistance to temperature fluctuations – withstands from -70 to +70 g.

Resistance to sunlight, chemical components

Environmental safety of the material, which expands the scope of its application.

This material helps to strengthen the road surface, increases its service life even in conditions of active movement on the roads of heavy trucks. The mesh acts as a connective-reinforcing layer that sits between the base and the road clothes. The material eliminates shears and movement of the road structure, evenly distributes dynamic loads on the surface of the coating. An equally important difference between this technology, the mesh helps to remove excess moisture into drainage ditches, which has a positive effect on the performance and durability of the lower coating. Buyers are attracted by the rather low cost of the material. And when buying a large batch, suppliers usually make large discounts. Since the mesh is sold in rolls, it makes it easier to transport and use. The mesh does not take up much space in the vehicle during transportation.

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