How To Roll On Popcorn Ceiling [video]

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How To Roll On Popcorn Ceiling, How to paint the ceiling roll, For the performance of roller painting the ceiling must use cuvette. This is a low bath with bumpers and planes in two levels. At the bottom of the cell, roller comes into the paint, and in the upper part – is pressed. Roller rolled out in order to get rid of excess paint, but at the same time, it must be completely filled with ink, or be on the ceiling that will eventually spots. It is best to use a wide roller, pile length should be minimized, then the paint will go smoothly. Also an article on how to choose a roller.

Despite the fact that the roller has a wide capture, but in the corners of the room and other awkward places, he can not paint the ceiling. Therefore, you must purchase a brush with soft bristles. Brush before you start you need to withstand water, the bristles should be good swell, then it was a little dry, the bristles are softer and a day for work.

If you need to work at height, use a ladder. But it should be stable and not go on the floor. On the ladder should not make any sudden movements and turns. This is for your safety.

Before painting paint to thoroughly mix if you found a thick layer of film, remove it, it dissolves, while stirring it in the paint will float its pieces.

How To Roll On Popcorn Ceiling

The ceiling must be painted 2 times, once in one direction and the second time – in the opposite direction. But before painting the first coat should dry well. painted in the afternoon, for the night is dry, If the first coat of paint does not have time to dry and you start to impose a second, then roll the first layer, and this painting is no good.

Painting the ceiling a meter starts from the corner, move the roller towards the corner from you. Liberally apply a coat of paint on the ceiling, for example, draw on the ceiling zigzags, period. In the same place it is necessary to paint several layers and overlapping by about 5-6 inches.

How To Spray Paint A Ceiling Using An Airless Sprayer Then Back Rolling

Spray painting a ceiling is one of the quickest ways to paint a ceiling but a spray finish is hard to touch up so the best way.

Good results give uniform staining paint. What does this mean? And what we need to paint the ceiling once, without interruption in telephone conversations or snack. area, even very large painting did not take long.

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