Rollers for short hair

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Rollers for short hair, For maximum length there are a lot of funds. But the short hair is also easy to pick up a convenient curlers. May suit both large and small diameter. Boomerangs, bobbin or with Velcro curlers can be left overnight. On damp strands in advance applied foam, and then begins the process of wrapping the curlers. On the head is worth putting on a hat to help you sleep. If you want to make curls on short hair quickly, ahead of the following steps:


The wetted strands over the curlers, and then dry them with a hairdryer.
When the hair is dry, gently release curls and fix the varnish.

The quickest effect give electric rollers. They should use less often, because they can damage hair. For processed strands apply modern curlers and wait until the curls have dried themselves beneath them.


Nodules of tissue

Instead of wrapping to make rag curlers.
From old t-shirts or any fabric strips are cut out, which must have a size of approximately 2.5 cm in width.

The head must be cleaned, and then dry your hair with a towel.
Next comes each strand and individually is the strip of fabric. The process is similar to using curlers.

Rollers for short hair

To flap kept well need to tie it in a knot or bow.
Once all strands, you can leave the wound stripes for a few hours or even overnight. Nodules do not interfere with sleep.

When all the hair is dry, you can untie and remove the fabric. Retrieves the elastic and large curls.
Hairstyle complete with Hairspray or mousse.

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