Safety standards in the handling of electrical appliances

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Safety standards in the handling of electrical appliances. Today we rely on electricity for many of our daily activities. Manipulating electronic devices following recommendations for use will avoid taking unnecessary risks and prevent accidents that may be fatal.

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Capacity: Applies security rules in the handling of electrical appliances.

Helps prevent accidents when using electrical appliance with caution.

To use, connect, disconnect, connect any electrical appliance, it must be always dry hands.

When using electrical appliances, prevent being bare feet or with wet feet.

Never touch electrical appliances inside the bath or shower, for example, radio connected to the network.

Never pull cord, but the insulation plug to unplug a device.

Unplug appliances after use, whether they are large or small.

Before starting a new, take into account household electrical power and read the instructions for use of the device.

Safety standards in the handling of electrical appliances

If a device goes power, unplug it immediately and call a technician.

If you need to manipulate a household appliance, for example, to clean it, it must be disconnected it previously.

Do not use appliances with bare wires, broken pins damaged plugs, other.

Before connecting an electrical appliance, make sure that it is dry.

To change a light bulb, previously disconnect the corresponding circuit breaker.

In the kitchen, try to use electrical devices away from the laundry area.

Avoid making connections in multiple sockets; use a plug for each application.

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Near the fireplace, stoves or heat sources, do not place screens or cable run. Care for the optimum condition of the isolation of the electrical appliances avoids risks of accidents.

An electrical installation to have all the guarantees of security, must be carried out by an authorized electrician.

Electrical work in the home is to do with the mind

It is important to have protection devices, such as small circuit breakers (PIA) or grounding, so before any insulation failure, metal parts of all electrical appliance download electric current to Earth, without affecting the user. Find out which is the institution which must allow electricians to perform electrical installations in houses, shops, industries, other.


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