Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes

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Samsung has established itself as a manufacturer of reliable and high-quality household appliances, including washing machines. The automatic machine is an indispensable assistant, so its breakdown is a tragedy for any hostess. It is good that most modern models, for example, Samsung WF-F861, are equipped with a special display, with which you can understand the cause of the malfunction without calling the master.

Modern washing machines are designed in such a way that any deviation from normal operation can be recognized by a special code displayed on the scoreboard. Such coding greatly facilitates the task of both the repair specialist and the owners of household appliances. Knowing the cause of the malfunction, some errors in the operation of the washing machine can be eliminated quickly and without special preparation.

Washing machine Error codes related to the operation of the hatch door

Washing machine Error codes related to the operation of the hatch door

Owners of older models without a display, for example, Samsung S821, S852, S1021, it is more difficult to understand the malfunctions – errors in them are indicated by the flashing of various indicators.

Of course, error codes do not always accurately indicate the cause of the failure of the unit, but they allow you to determine in which system the failure occurred and check the possible causes of the failure.

In this article, we will look at the error codes of the Samsung washing machine. Please note that for models of household appliances manufactured by other companies, the decoding codes may differ. Error codes on the display can be grouped according to the types of failure.

In the event of a malfunction, manufacturers recommend refer to the operating instructions of the washing machine. There you can also find all the information codes of errors and their decryption.

If the instruction manual for the technique is irretrievably lost, it can be found on the Internet. For example, the error codes of the Samsung 6kg washing machine WF8590NMW9 Diamond can be found in its instruction manual.

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