Sauna in the basement – how to make it properly

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Sauna in the basement is one of the most common options for economical use of space, as well as the unique opportunity to arrange steam room of the House. Currently, the bath is very popular. Construction of the sauna in the basement will cost is not so cheap, because it would require a maximum of hydro-and thermal insulation. To come up with a special project for home, for appropriate use, you must contact one or even multiple specialists.

Area saunas should not be less than 12 sq.m. meters, so you can feel comfortable and freely, even if steam room located in the basement of your home. Provide adequate ventilation will help you self hosted rooms. It should be placed as close to the outer walls of the building.

Generally, such saunas no pool. Instead, prefer to make showers with a size no less than 1 x 1 m, which rules should be directly next to the steam room. Water often comes from local wells or running water, and already used sewers ensues, which is in the basement. To construct such designs in a private home is very simple.

Useful tips for building

From time immemorial, sauna includes a steam room, as well as a relaxation room. Primarily steam must be safe, so experts recommend to use electric rather than wood or gas stove. Moreover, it is much more. The temperature in the steam room should not be below 100 degrees Celsius. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of significant details.

For finishing, including steam, always using exclusively wood, which can be any breed. It is better to choose the wood of a Linden or Aspen. Experts advise not to conifers.
Shelves should be at a height of 50-100 cm from the floor, top shelf width-approx 40 cm, bottom-60.

Sauna in the basement – how to make it properly

In the regeneration of saunas rarely thinks about stones-steam source necessary. But they are an integral part of the sauna. Primarily the stones should be clean heat . For the furnace more suited such stones as soapstone, jade and gabbro-diabase.

Floors in the steam room you can make both wood and tile. Often, experts recommend using tile on top of which you can always put a removable wooden crates.

The important is to choose the door. From her largely depends on the thermal insulation of the sauna, and hence the quality of the procedure of soaring. A cloth of a door shall be made of material which is maximally resistant to humidity and heat. Now the most common are the three types of doors:


Hydro-and noise insulation

If you still want to make a small pool in the sauna, have to find funds for this, as you will need to provide additional waterproofing. Bowl size should be or 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 meter, and side-not less than 25 centimeters. The pool itself is best to impose ceramic tiles. If waterproofing is poor, the swimming pool will be one of the causes of moisture not only in the basement, but also in the House.

Sauna in the basement is not only the source of heat, steam, but also noise. To protect the room in the House, first of all it is necessary to use reliable soundproofing materials. Moreover, it is necessary not only to insulate all walls, but also the ceiling. In order to protect the floors in the House from excess heat, it is necessary to pay attention to insulation in the basement.

A recreation room is equipped according to your taste. Often you can see tv, couch or sofa, stereo, as well as a pool table. Room can be decorated with wood, wallpaper or a stone crumb-it depends on the tastes of the master of the House.

The purpose of saunas

Nowadays sauna primarily provides health, well-being, hardening and excellent mood. Here you can relax with friends, colleagues and relatives. Often, these places used to hold events before the holidays, or just for relaxing and toning.

Any sauna, even one that is housed in the basement of your home should give comfort. Indeed, a visit to the steam bath is primarily a concern for his health, purity and moral as well as physical relaxation. Using the sauna even in ancient times, put on its feet completely hopeless patients, helping them cope with illness. Visiting steam room, you can not only improve their health, but also relieve stress after working week.

Also do not forget that the sauna is a beauty. After all, how much can you make important and necessary procedures after the man visited the sauna room. Deliver the body mass of pleasant sensations will help it is a sauna. Especially if while staying there to use certain herbs and fragrant drink afterwards, freshly brewed tea.

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