Security measures when repairing wiring

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Security measures when repairing wiring According to statistics, a very large number of fires and accidents associated with are disparaging attitude toward security measures when repairing the wiring. Probably each of you coming out of sockets and switches, and other electrical appliances. Especially in older homes. To repair such damage is not difficult, but you should be aware of the security measures, even if you are a master of his trade. Security measures when repairing electrical wiring will protect not only electricity, but also people who are nearby.

Unacceptable work with electricity on a metal surface, better if it is to be a wooden floor or on the ground, if possible.

you should not during work with electricity touch metal surfaces. Especially it applies to the works of repair that equipment. Equipment, even with the power off preserves part of the charge. In contact with the man, it almost does not harm and may even be not noticeable until the connection with another subject. Therefore, when repairing wiring use the tools with insulating coating.

Security measures when repairing wiring

do not start to work if you have hands on additional metals, watches, chains, etc.

be sure before starting repair wiring-switch off the supply of electricity.

be sure to begin to work with dry hands when dealing with more serious injuries, wear rubber gloves.

be sure to use the special devices-for example, a screwdriver indicator, testers and others to determine the voltage contacts. It will also help determine exactly which wire is damaged in the wall socket.

use a high-quality insulating materials, adhesive tape and polyethylene are not substitutes for them!

8. on completion of the repairs of the wiring does not include several points simultaneously, check each one individually.

If you need to position the power cord along the wall, not his nails. Even thin nails can lead to closure. To do this, you must use a special gutter, which is attached to the wall, and it is a wire or more, after which the chute closes and all the wires are protected from possible damage. If not, then you can make yourself a brace with copper cans. To do this, cut a small strip of about 0.5 to 2 see, which is attached to the wall, both end should remain free. Then, using the folding of two halves, attached cord.

If you need to repair additional appliances are in working condition, but have minor damage before proceeding to work to eliminate all problems.

Not high-quality work and cavalier approach to repair wiring, may lead to a inevitable consequences. Be watchful and careful!

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