Selecting a septic tank for the type of soil

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Selecting a septic tank for the type of soil – Even in the country, we constantly use amenities – toilet and bath. Hygiene – an integral part of anyone’s life, so we are inextricably linked to the consumption of water and waste water disposal problem. That is why so much in demand today for septic tank houses – the simplest structures to filter effluent.

Modern filtration systems allow clean water and even in the country to take advantage of centralized sewerage. The most simple and cost-effective solution – it’s a septic tank. It is suitable both for permanent and seasonal residence.

What should be the scope of a septic tank?

When selecting a local treatment plant for the garden, keep in mind that its volume must be multiplied to you three. The only way you will get a product that will satisfy all the needs of tenants.

What form to choose?

Septic tank should not be too deep, otherwise effluents undergo less filtration than you bargained for. However, too superficial septic tank is also not a good alternative. The minimum depth should be about one and a half meters.

However, one of the most important factors when selecting a product – the type of soil on the site.

Which product to buy based on the soil?

Sandy soil

Septic in this case must have the absorption field. It is this kind will not have trouble with tap water clean. Also use the filtration field. Cleaning a well in this case would be useless, because it requires a large area of ​​absorption.
In this type of soil it is possible to use biological treatment plant, which will direct the filtered water into the ground.

Abundance of groundwater

In this case, it is impossible to use a septic tank soil cleaning technology. It is not rational and expensive. It is best to choose a biological septic tank, which is made of plastic. Products from other materials do not guarantee a perfect seal, which is extremely important in the case of a large number of groundwater at the site. One of the most important steps of the installation – the most thorough fixation, otherwise the septic tank can be quite simply emerge.

Selecting a septic tank for the type of soil

Clay soil

Such soil does not allow water to seep inside. This makes it possible to use as a septic tank cleaning with soil and biological. In the first case, you need to install an additional sand filter and use additional equipment for the purpose of wastewater disposal. It is preferable to use a septic tank a biological filter system because it is not exposed to soil and operates in a stable mode. However, removal of the filtered effluent will be on relief, but not under the ground.

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