Selecting a gas cooker

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Selecting a gas cooker – Everyone needs a certain amount of food each day . This – physiological needs . This is necessary to prepare food to eat, no matter what system you eat .

In the course of human evolution also occurred improvement hearth for cooking. At first it was just a fire with open fire. Then – a furnace where the fire has already been closed . Finally, the kitchen stove , and allowing the use of outdoor and indoor cooking method .
All the diversity of modern stoves can be divided into two large groups , which differ in the type of energy used : electric and gas .

Depending on the presence or absence of gas in the house main  consumer selects one or another group . If there is a mains gas, rationally choose a gas stove to cook because gas is cheaper and faster , and gas stoves themselves , thanks to modern technology , have become less flammable . They used gas-control system that allows you to avoid gas leaks.

Design and functional features slabs manufacturers are constantly improving . Remains unchanged overall structure of gas stoves . All they have oven and hob .

Gas burners  – a key element of the cooking surface . Traditionally, the gas stove is equipped with four burners . Burners differ in thickness and shape. It is very convenient because it allows you to adjust the boiling process , and the process of reheating and cooking.

When choosing a gas stove should pay attention to the following items of the oven

Selecting a gas cooker

Thermostat. By a thermostat can maintain the desired temperature in the oven automatically without direct human intervention . You set the desired temperature , place the baking sheet in the oven and light the fire. Further the observance temperature range monitors independently.

Timer. This device allows you to set the time when the preparation should be started (called a ” delayed start “) and the time necessary for proper cooking. In current models oven, after a predetermined time has passed , turns off by itself .

Glass in the oven door . On most modern gas stoves ovens doors are double or even triple glazing . The thicker the glass door package , the less heat . This makes it possible to maintain a stable temperature inside the oven and reduce the risk of injury from burns when touching the glass on the outside of the door.

Ovens can have more internal illumination , Electrical ignition, self- cleaning, which makes their use more convenient . The quality of food , these extras do not affect , but the cooking process makes it easier .

For lovers of fine food and hospitable hosts some models accommodate plates manufacturers in the oven for convection fan , skewers and grill. Pamper yourself and your family or guests grilled chicken or ribs baked homemade now possible without problems.

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