As a self insulate water pipe

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As a self insulate water pipe-Probably all heard about the phenomenon, when frosts “burst” communication pipes (water). When it does not matter what material they are made – subject to hypothermia and flexible metal and plastic, and galvanized steel. So the question insulation pipes in the house must stand before the season even lower temperatures.

Dangerous Places pipeline

Note that such work can make any handyman.

So that the water does not freeze inside the pipeline, it is necessary to insulate. In this case, you can use different types of heaters.

Before the start of work needed to assess conduit to establish that it vulnerabilities. In fact, only two of them – this outdoor area and unheated space.

It is clear that much easier to insulate pipes indoors than outdoors. Especially if it should be done in places plumbing supply to the meter, the well pump or the distributor.

Thermal insulation material – the types and characteristics

Regardless of the material must meet the following requirements for this product:

– Durability, reliability, high wear-resisting material;

– Tightness, waterproof insulation;

– Convenience, ease of installation material;

– Suitable insulation value;

– The possibility of multiple use;

– Fire resistance (including the use of a heater inside the premises).

Before you make a purchase, make sure quality and technological characteristics of the material.

Important performance insulation:

– Thermal conductivity (this figure should be minimal);

– Heat-saving properties (this figure should have a maximum level);

– Water absorption (the level of this index depends durability of insulation);

– Material resistance to the aggressive action of various chemical and biological phenomena;

– Operating temperature insulation, in which not require additional insulation measures.

insulation materials
Insulation materials suitable for pipe insulation

Gone are the days when the only insulation for pipes was notorious wool.

Fortunately materials on the market today, you can choose any insulation on the basis of financial and other capacities and needs.

By far the most popular, and therefore are considered reliable and durable fiberglass insulation, foam or Styrofoam.

As a self insulate water pipe

Let’s look at their individual characteristics.

Fiberglass or glass, used mainly for thermal insulation composite pipes. In this type of insulation will need external insulation using glass or roofing material.

Foam insulation – one of the most common heat-insulating materials, which are used for a variety of water pipes. Two sided foam can be used repeatedly, and their installation is fairly simple.

Insulation is a shell that can be installed with an additional top coat or the same without him. When installing a certain inner diameter of the shell put on the pipe (the offset between the shells is made to overlap – 100-200 mm). They are fixed with adhesive tape. There are also foam shell for certain areas of the aqueduct – by turns, nodes and edges.

There is another way of insulation – liquid pipe insulation. Made using special composition realized in specialized retail outlets. It is used before the heating season in pipelines housing has high heat, noise and waterproofing properties. This method belongs to the modern and advanced methods for the isolation pipe communications.

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