Sewage smell in the bathroom

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Sewage smell in the bathroom, Recently I noticed a foul smell of sewage in the bathroom? Don’t worry, this problem occurs frequently, and in most cases can be resolved very easily. In 80% of cases, bad breath occurs when so-called “water seal” does not work, or are absent. The water seal drainage pipe can be created specially curved and special devices.

Water seal drainage area, forming a layer of water between the risers and fittings drain plumbing. This layer prevents odors from sewage to get to the bathroom.

In contrast to pipe bending, siphon filter allows large particles that hit the debris to the shower. This in turn helps to avoid clogged main sewer pipes seriously. Thus, in most cases, it can cause the smell of sewage in the apartment because of a defect or deficiency in the same water seal.

The first is to determine if there is a water seal all plumbing connected to the sewerage network. If this is not the place, and this is probably because of the smell. If everything is in order and under each sink and bathtub is the hole or tube is bent, and the reason for the smell in the other.

Sewage smell in the bathroom

Therefore, if obvious reasons of smell, but the smell remains stable-carefully check the pipe of your septic system. Furthermore, it is necessary to verify not only the joints, cracks may appear on the metal of the old plant and refuse for many other reasons.

Sewer Smells In Bathrooms

Watch and listen to Shell explain why sewer smells sometimes show up in bathrooms and kitchens. For home improvement information .

If not noted such problems in your bathroom, it can split the ventilation in the room. Because of the humidity and high down the ventilation system is not working properly, the air in the bathroom “recession” and will be forming the walls of all kinds of germs and bacteria that can produce an unpleasant smell.

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