How to share the kitchen and dining room

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How to share the kitchen and dining room – Many who has a large kitchen – dining room, eventually wanting to differentiate them into two zones , wonder , and how to divide the kitchen and dining room ? Responding to it, it should be noted that the method of dividing these zones there are many , and the choice depends on the preferences and capabilities of man.

1. Perhaps the simplest way of dividing will highlight the boundaries between kitchen and dining room  . Especially this method is acceptable when there is a high ceiling and a desire to vacate the premises of appliances and furniture . This can be done before the kitchen area a couple of steps. Well this will help different lighting to the presence of suspended ceilings . For example, over the dining table can be hung low chandelier and kitchen light point light sources .

2 . If the apartment is in full swing repair or building , it is recommended to make a column or archway between the dining room and kitchen , while the floor covering these zones different material, the color of the floor must also be different. Available window also desirable to issue differently , for example, can be used for kitchen blinds and Dining – heavy curtains with curtains .

3 . Existing furniture in the kitchen is best to place the letter P or L- shaped . Average will look breakfast bar , which is also capable to divide this area. All the appliances and utensils you can hide behind sliding panels.

4 . For the separation of functional areas , recently used the bar. It can be made from the residue of the old walls and the passage made ​​into an arch , and bottom walls can sheathe wood paneling , and the top set through shelves or carved railings. The shelves can be set pots, pottery or plants. If there are high chairs , it is better to put them on the part of the kitchen area .

5 . In addition, the zones can be divided by means of screen or decorative corner sofa . Sliding panels , which can be made ​​of stained glass on all their length, will also help to share the kitchen and the dining room.

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