How to sharpen drill bits?

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How to sharpen drill bits?,It is known that blunt drill it is possible to drill apertures for a very long time, putting a lot of effort. Sharp and correctly sharpened drill, this operation can be done in minutes, easily and without exerting any pressure.Let’s look at how to properly sharpen the most common, universal drill bits, i.e. screw or spiral.

Screw drill, different from other precision drilling form, purity and high performance. Drills should be sharp and sharpened the desired angle, then this tool pleasant to work with, and for this we need to know how to properly sharpen them.

The figure depicts the design of the drill. Look at cutting part, here lies the secret of quality drilling. The fact that the corners of sharpening for different materials need to be different, and the harder the material, the angle must be dumber.

How to sharpen drill bits?

For example, for some plastic edge angle-30-60°, for other soft materials 80-90°, for metals-in the range of 110-120°, hardened steel-130° -140°.

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