Should you block inlet flow water faucets washer

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Should you block inlet flow water faucets when the washer is not in use, Yes you should actually do this. All manufacturers recommend it. If cocks are always enabled, and thus, under pressure, you can get a leak, or even the flood of discharged water or torn a filling hose. This sometimes happens at night, when water consumption reduction leads to an increase in water pressure. More rarely, filling valve can skip the water inside the machine, even when it is not connected. Again, this often happens at night.

Although both of these situations are rare and probably never will happen with you, but if something like that happens, you will likely begin to bother overlap cocks whenever the washing machine will not work. Even more so if these taps are easily accessible, then you should try to enter yourself into the habit of turning off them. But if this is not the case, and before crane in your case get problematic, as often occurs when the incorrect connection of washing machines, in which case you can do far less to protect themselves. If you are concerned about this, you should call a plumber to move taps to affordable place that you could easily block them.

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