Silk Plaster Liquid Wallpaper how to apply them wall

Silk Plaster Liquid Wallpaper how to apply them wall In the category Wallpaper Installation Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about Silk Plaster Liquid Wallpaper how to apply them wall.

The application of SILK PLASTER decorative coating is very simple. Anyone can handle it even without any special training. You don’t need any special equipment, just a plastic trowel. Application of SILK PLASTER is much easier than applying cotton plaster or any other type of decorative plaster.

First of all, the surface should be dry, clean and evenly white, without any stains. Therefore remove old wallpaper and nails etc. If necessary, cover any areas affected by fungus with antiseptic, remove dust and dry the wall.

If you don’t strip the wall of old wallpaper, glue, paint, plaster, wood or metal screws and nails, these remnants can form rust and yellow stains on the surface. To prevent rusty stains cover any bolts, screws, nails, tacks etc, with white oil-based paint.

Silk Plaster – Liquid Wallpaper how to apply them wall, What is the liquid wallpaper and how to apply them to the wall, Liquid line consists of cotton fibers, dyes and cellulose. Typically, this type of wallpaper is sold in a package and to use them, you just need to dilute the mixture water. Put these wallpapers on wall using paint roller or spatula. The main advantage of wallpaper – the complete absence of any stitches after work.

If your walls are a little chipped or cracked, they can be removed. Enough to put a thick layer of wallpaper. Since the wallpaper is not cause rust metal, their
can safely be applied to the areas of heating systems. Another advantage is the fact that the remnants of wallpaper can be stored in a cool place long enough
time. And if necessary, remove any defects enough to put a layer of wallpaper on spoiled piece of the wall.

Liquid with high light stability. The walls, which were marked this wallpaper not fade for decades.
The main drawback of this type of wallpaper is that they need to put on a perfectly smooth walls that do not have any bumps.

Before you apply liquid wallpaper on the wall previously should get rid of all irregularities and excess plaster material on the working surface. In order to under
wallpaper you settled fungus, you have to decorate the walls with antiseptic. There is an article on how to paint the ceiling?
What is the liquid wallpaper and how to put them on the wall video

Silk Plaster Liquid Wallpaper


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