Soldering polypropylene pipes How to connect a pipe from polypropylene

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You’ve probably heard, and not just about material, such as polypropylene pipes used in construction, and about which technologies are used. Let’s consider the technology associated with plastic pipes. They have certain advantages compared with iron pipes, one of them is the ease of installation. With them is quite easy and simple to operate. For example, instead of welding the pipe you can solder. In this article we will tell you about the process of soldering polypropylene pipes. All of this is shown in the video is at the end.

Soldering polypropylene pipes As it happens?

First, cut the pipe of the required size and make marks where the Pike itself will directly to had secured the tightness and proper connections. Nozzles must be centrovanim, and arrange them as you need, then the fix will be. Solder you only need to dry the pipe. For soldering needs a special soldering iron. Take the tee and pipe and put them on the attachment soldering iron at high temperatures, they will begin to melt, otherwise it can get tight joints. Then the details clear with nozzles and heated seats, connect among themselves. if the air passes, And if air comes out of the work, then the present sealing, which must be eliminated. At this stage of the process of soldering pipe is finished, you can then apply the water-supply and heating systems.

We hope that after reviewing this material, you will not have questions about soldering polypropylene pipes, in addition, this process detail shown on the video below. We recommend you to use pipes with this material when installing heating and water systems.

Connect polypropylene pipe using brazing. Soldering technology for polypropylene pipes are not very complicated, The advantages of polypropylene pipes, Two tubes are interconnected by means of a coupling and coupling and threaded components. Tool for welding of polypropylene pipes that need solder connecting parts must be keeping horizontally. Soldering polypropylene pipes: types of tubes. Pipe of larger diameter are joined without fittings butt welding method. The raw material for the production of polypropylene pipes serves as a thermoplastic polymer. Soldering pipes are carried out using a simple device. The edge of the pipe is heated from the outside.

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