solution to the problem of indoor air pollution

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One of the most effective ways to control indoor air quality and eliminating allergens is the elimination or control of the source of their appearance. Primarily, this is achieved through good insulation both from each other and a good internal space isolation from the environment. Make sure that all fuel combustion devices such as stoves, solid/liquid fuel boilers, gas boilers and cooking equipment are serviceable and correctly display the products of combustion outside the home or apartment. There is also a need to bothered about proper quality (or control the proper quality of) natural gas, propane and oil products for furnaces or boilers and carry out timely maintenance of appliances to burn fuel at the beginning of each heating season, to ensure that they work properly and efficiently. Operation of the furnace or boiler, which do not burn efficiently will be very expensive, so investment in maintenance of such equipment will pay off by reducing operating costs.

The main directions in solving air pollution are:
managing sources of pollution;
control of the quantity of dust;
maintaining humidity in the room at the desired comfort level.

Ventilation-the largest part of the system for the maintenance of good quality air. Modern buildings today are built so tightly that they require artificial ventilation air. This is accomplished using heat recovery fan or air heat exchangers. This brings fresh air from the outside and destroys the used and stale air from building out. Most of them have air filters, through which fresh air before it enters the houses and flats, therefore, fresh air goes through mechanical cleaning. There are other methods of mechanical ventilation, to exclude ingress inside the House or apartment of pollutants and that cater to specific parts of the House or room. This fans for ventilation in the attic exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans. It should be noted that the ventilation cleaning should be performed regularly.

solution to the problem of indoor air pollution

Dust particles, which are common causes of allergic reactions, represent particles whose sizes vary in a wide range from less than 2 microns to 10 or more. Particles smaller than 2.5 microns pose the greatest health risk because when inhaled, they can penetrate deeply into the lungs. Larger particles usually settle in the upper respiratory tract. Using different types of air filtration filters: filters, air conditioner filters, oven, Air Purifier filters. Selection of mechanical filtration is wide enough. Many good serve to filter and clean air, but many of them not much more than a gimmick, and the promise of what they cannot do.

The humidity level in the House is important, and will have a big impact on the amount of dust and organic compounds present in the House. The population of dust mites increases with increasing humidity. A large population of dust mites leads to an increase in dust particles in the air. You must keep the number of dust mite under control to reduce the amount of dust in the House. High humidity can cause the growth of the toxic fungus, mold and other biological contaminants. Low humidity may cause breathing problems. Ventilation and use of foggers-the most useful methods for monitoring and controlling the humidity level.

The solution to the problems of indoor air pollution in relation to sources of energy,The problem of poor air quality in non-industrial sites has emerged. the people as the sole source of air pollution from space, To address indoor air quality problems more often.

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