stainless steel water heater connector

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stainless steel water heater connector-Heaters of any volume stainless steel, Industrial heaters are generally manufactured by the presence of the collecting tank of stainless steel, so-called storage tanks. Tanks may have different volumes: 

Stainless steel tank water heaters have 1,000 liters of volume;
Steel tanks are sheathed inside the copper sheet, have volumes from 1,500 to 10,000 liters inclusive.

They have found the widest application to ensure a constant hot water in the hotel complexes, residential high-rise buildings, the various production facilities, as well as on buildings, away from the public water supply. They may also be used during the shutdown of the boiler central heating systems equipment, working in stand-alone mode or in parallel with other types of industrial equipment.

Industrial water heaters in their construction have additional tubes that are used to connect and control additional devices, means of organizing recycling loop back circuits and DHW controls servos. At the request of the customer can be additionally installed heating elements embedded in various capacities as an electric or coiled coil Extruded. 1,000 liters of water heaters and more incremental type capable of delivering a single stream of hot water from the heat exchanger and the storage tank.

Industrial water heaters are installed with the special access doors or openings, which greatly simplifies routine maintenance of equipment and stainless steel tanks. 1,000 liters of water heaters and larger volumes have high technical performance. They are produced by the best European technologies welded seams. The inner housing is protected against corrosion, thereby increasing the maximum period of their operation, as well as all thermal equipment.

Capacity for this type of equipment are manufactured from steel and various alloys:
304 stainless steel alloy has an increased resistance to corrosion, exploiting at home or in an industrial environment;
430 stainless steel alloy is produced nickel-free. Upon contact with water, does not corrode.

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