start working with inverter welding machine

start working with inverter welding machine In the category Welding Standards Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about start working with inverter welding machine.

start working with inverter welding machine, How to cook inverter welding? Today we can say quite confidently that welders on the market everyday tools systematically replacing their traditional counterparts transformer. inverter welding easier, smaller, better quality weld, less demanding welding experience in the Executive, and in some cases compensate for the lack of such experience.

Yet to start working with inverter welding machine must have at least some knowledge. Below you will find a short instruction on how to cook inverter welding. First we need to prepare the following materials, tools, apparel and accessories:
welding inverter; – Welding cables; – Protective clothing and footwear; – Masks of the welder; – Electrodes; – Wire brush; – Hammer.

To connect parts using manual arc welding inverter or workout in welding, perform the following steps.

Pay attention to the electrical network. Most inverters are sensitive to significant deviations from the nominal voltage. For example, if you live in rural areas with unstable voltage or connect inverter welding machine you are using the transfer length of 100 m, then the network will be difficult to obtain the maximum welding current.

Wear protective clothing and prepare welder mask. Clothing should be made of thick fabric, which protects the skin from welding spatter and the intense ultraviolet radiation that occurs at the site of the burning arc. Mask adjust the size of the head.

Connect to inverter welding wires. Note the polarity of the connection. Wires “mass” plug connector with the sign (-) wire and electrode holder connector (+). Ensure safety tips fixing wires in the connector.

Connect the inverter to the power grid. In this case, keep in mind that despite a lower network load compared to a transformer welding machine, inverter requires considerable power. If the maximum power your inverter welding current is 160-180A, then to full capacity it will need 25-30 kW of electricity.

Attach the bracket welded to the weight of the piece. Pre-accession mass clean up the place, if it contains rust, paint or any other coating that creates considerable resistance to the passage of electric current.

Insert the electrode into the holder. Choosing the electrode is very important in the process of welding. The main index – is the diameter of the electrode. Tentatively we can assume that for welding thickness 2 mm electrode required the same diameter for metal 3 mm – diameter of 3 mm, 4 mm diameter electrode should be as 4 mm and so on.

start working with inverter welding machine

Turn on the inverter and select the welding current. There is also a guide to possible to consider that quality welding on every inch of its thickness required welding current 35-40. With experience will notice that the lack of current strength leads to difficulties with the height of the arc electrode is to the metal. Excessive current will be accompanied by a strong spray of metal and its cross-burning in areas where the electrode was.

Decide on the location of welding and lower welding mask. Place the end of the electrode to the intended place of welding like hours on it. Once the arc is ignited slightly Allow the electrode to the workpiece at a distance equal to its diameter. Hold the electrode at an angle of 30-60 ° from the vertical.

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Flaming arc welding walk the entire length of the intended weld controlling metal penetration. After solidification of the weld it with a hammer to knock slag and wire brush to clean out. Check how well you failed welding seam.

If the seam in insufficient strength and necessary connection details are not obtained, after purification scale again boil a junction. Use the zigzag movement of the end of the electrode during welding.

In the process of welding and get a quality connection parts plays an important role experience of similar works. But welders nobody is born and while you yourself with new skills to solve many domestic problems and create useful structures of metal.

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