Steel doors pros and cons

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Steel doors pros and cons

Front doors – are doors that are installed at the entrance to the apartment or the building . To the front door are increased requirements acoustic and thermal performance , safety ( protection against unwanted intrusion ), and if the door leads outside (external ), it must be capable of precipitation.

As a rule, choose a steel entry door . What she may be the pros and cons?

Let’s start with the pros . Steel – a high-quality iron alloy , for example , chromium , molybdenum , etc. Such a tandem can make the leaf refractory , corrosion-proof , but easy to weld . The alloy has a high degree of resistance , tolerates very high temperatures , low temperatures and strong and durable. The door of the steel is not afraid of changes in temperature , it is not terrible and humidity, unlike wood , it does not swell or deform from moisture. Yes, and locks them much easier to change than the wooden ones.

The service life of a steel door over the life of a wooden or fiberglass several times. Of course, when properly installed . And even if it is deformed or deviate from the jamb , then correct it is not that difficult.

Not a bit of pleading the merits of a steel door , let’s talk about the shortcomings . Steel – robust and reliable material , but the poor quality welding , alas, he is losing its protective properties . Steel should be well cooked : tough and durable while holding the door leaf elements .

In addition, if you install a steel door , you have to worry about the additional heat and sound insulation as well as steel, alas , does not have such properties . Most of today’s manufacturers of metal doors eliminate these shortcomings in the production phase : investing in the cavity of the web and the jamb heater which increases the thermal and sound insulation. Set inside the bezel , e.g. , MDF also provides additional protection from cold and noise .

Steel doors pros and cons

Great value and quality of the play hinges on which there is a steel door, and the quality of the locks. It is these components and features high-quality door from the one made ​​in haste . It is necessary to carefully choose a reliable seller doors and manufacturers to be sure of high quality doors and your peace of mind that this door will serve you for years to come.

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