sticky ceiling tiles

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sticky ceiling tiles

Decorative ceiling tile is the cheapest material for finishing the ceiling , with the choices of the picture is very large. Usually the size of a ceiling tile 50 by 50 centimeters, it should be taken into account when calculating the number of ceiling tiles at the rate of 4 tiles – 1 m2. When choosing tiles should pay great attention to the quality of the tiles that were wrinkled corners and edges , non-compliance with these conditions affect the quality of installation of ceiling tiles .

Stickers for ceiling tile adhesive may be used such as ” liquid nails ” in special tubes under the gun for sealant.

Laying ceiling tiles should start with the markup ceiling for this from the corners of the room diagonally stretch the cord , and at the intersection of the lines marking the center of the room , usually there should be a chandelier . Next, locate the center of the opposite wall , and the layout of the labels do the entire length of the ceiling. Before mounting the ceiling preferably primed for better adhesion of glue. From the center , the line begin to glue tiles, chandeliers near to slightly trim the corners to normal interfacing tiles.

Remove the polystyrene slabs and keep its ceiling

Laying ceiling tiles start from the center , just sticking 4 tiles around the chandeliers on the line , with the edges of the tile control interfacing , and further along the line of sticking the rest of the tile.

Trimmed from the corners and near the walls of the excess parts . For a better view of the ceiling in the joins are the walls can be pasted ceiling moldings . After gluing ceiling tiles can be painted with latex paint standard .


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