How to stimulate the hair growth

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Hair to grow at any time, although you can decrease the speed. If the anxiety to see your longer hair is killing you, keep in mind these tips to stimulate its growth.

Tips to grow hair faster

There are moments in our life that it seems that hair has stopped growing, but the truth is that he doesn’t do so at any time, although if you can slow their growth due to various factors. Among them, stress and poor nutrition, little or poor blood supply, the lack of oxygenation and clogging pores and capillaries of the scalp. These are all common causes of deterioration in the natural cycle of hair.


Therefore, the first step to avoid this “stagnation” in the length of hair is to keep it clean, free from chemicals, well irrigated (by capillary massage) and healthy. Use products that are natural and free of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and other components that do not match with the health of the hair or the desired objective.


Natural oils to stimulate hair growth

A simple way of stimulating the growth of hair is to make soft massage in low-growth areas, as they tend to be bald, entries or where you prefer, with the tips of the fingers dipping them in warm oils. You can use cosmetic oils indicated for this purpose, or a mixture of the essential oils of your choice.

If possible, try to choose an oil that has high content of vitamins (A, D, C and E) and magnesium, beneficial to stimulate the growth of the hair.

Among the products most beneficial for this task, we found oil of bone of mamey, presumed ideal for this solution. It is an oil of milk, which, although it is difficult to get in the market, is ideal for its properties to stimulate the growth of healthy hair. Also sweet almond oil and jojoba oil, both very useful since their properties can help remove excess sebum of the scalp, as well as being ideal moisturizer for this area.

How to stimulate the hair growth

Coconut oil also helps to improve the nutrition of the skin and hair follicles, promote the growth of hair.

The use of oils to grow hair

The use of oils to stimulate growth has two fronts of attack: the first is by applying, massage promotes better blood circulation, it strengthens the hair and promotes its growth: and the second is the oil itself that, for consistency, softens the skin and “catch” the dead cells and other dirt which are then eliminated with shower leaving the hair follicle free and clear.

Always use something hot oils, only they are the tips of your fingers, and completes the treatment with a good wash hair with cool or lukewarm water and a shampoo that is gentle, if you prefer: shampoo for babies.