The stretch ceiling in the bathroom

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The stretch ceiling in the bathroom

Repairs in the bathroom – it is always not easy. It’s hard enough on a small area to create a comfortable space for everyday hygiene , and relaxation , and for the installation of home appliances and furniture. Thus , undertaking renovation of sanitary facilities, first of all we care about its functionality , making it sometimes at the expense of aesthetics and beauty. And the most ” well-groomed ” we still have a ceiling that we either Belim or paint , explaining the savings on finishing high humidity , the possibility of leaks, the complexity of the repair work , etc.

But modern technological developments offer us new universal solution to this problem – Installation of suspended ceilings made ​​of PVC . On their merits, it is said very much. We are told that:

suspended ceiling can hide all the flaws surface , such as roughness , traces of leaks , etc. ;
it quick and easy to install ;
during installation is not necessary to remove suspended furniture and plumbing fixtures ;
the material from which it is made does not require specialized care ;
this ceiling is able to protect against flooding .

This is the main advertising claims representatives of the companies responsible for the installation of suspended ceilings . But we , the consumers , are interested in the possibility of installing a ceiling structure in the bathroom, and we want to answer the following questions:

– At what point do repair work necessary to make the installation of stretch ceiling ?
– Do the ceiling on PVC any impact heating devices ( towel warmers ), and sudden changes in temperature ?
-Is it possible to mount it in the presence of mold and mildew ? And if they can appear some time after installation works ?
– How true is the statement that the suspended ceiling is able to protect from the flood ?

So, let’s solve all the doubts , getting answers to questions.

Installation stretch ceiling

Even before the repairs necessary to think through all the stages of the forthcoming works : When installing new plumbing , when gluing tiles, change the coil , and most importantly – when to start the installation of stretch ceiling. Specialists say that it is necessary to set it in the least . Their point of view, they justify the following :

-installation of structures that contain material of PVC , there is no more dirt or dust ;
-in stretch ceilings are special moldings, closing the gap between the wall and the ceiling , they harmonize the appearance of the coating and make the transition from ceiling to wall aesthetic ;
-seeing the results of repair of walls , it is easier to select the picture and color of the stretch ceiling lighting solution throughout the bathroom as a whole.

Selecting a stretch ceiling

Typically, the bathrooms in model homes have a small area and, consequently, a small cubic capacity . And the installation of stretch ceiling “eats” a few inches from the height of the room . Therefore, it is desirable to choose toilets PVC film with a glossy texture that is visually enhances the space . In addition, the reflective surface of the material will improve the illumination evenly dispersing the light throughout the room .

About the color of the web designers recommend it to pick up the tone of the floor or the same color as the decorative elements that appear on the walls.

The fungus at a stretch ceiling

Bathroom – the most humid room in the house . And of course, that , having decided to establish a ceiling of PVC in it, we think of the possibility of fungus ( mold ) on it and under it. Of course , there is the existence and development of this unpleasant ” shoots ” under the PVC coating .

Therefore, before installing PVC fabric in the bathroom is recommended that antiseptic . Its purpose – to get rid of the fungus, mold and prevent them in the future. To do this, a few days before mounting tension design , perform the following work:

Clean the ceiling of the old paint ( whitewash ) , remove the mold ;
his prime with a special solution (primer with an antiseptic ) ;
waterproofing mastic powertrowel all possible gaps ;
at the end of re-machine the ceiling primer.

Having done all this before , you can be sure that this part of the fungus in the bathroom just will not be formed , as all precautions have been taken by your side . A synthetic-based stretch ceiling education and development of mold simply impossible, even with constant humidity.

Stretch ceilings and heating devices

Bathroom necessarily provided with a space heater – heated towel rail that feeds the pipe from which goes to the ceiling. The temperature of the heating equipment is very high. So many of those who ventured into the installation of suspended ceilings , embarrassing possibility of deformation of the web by heating it from the heating pipes .

Yes , the probability of such an effect exists, but only on condition that the masters during the installation was not equipped with a special cap, ceiling insulation from the pipe. If it is , then no changes in temperature for PVC is not terrible.

The stretch ceiling in the bathroom

Stretch ceiling in case of flooding

Manufacturers of suspended ceilings assure that the material from which they are made, can withstand very high loads , up to 100 liters of water on an area of ​​1 square meter. And it’s true.

But many of them fail to mention that in breaking the pipe with hot or cold water from the neighbors above, your ceiling will turn into a huge storage capacity for liquid flowing from them. And that you have to eliminate the consequences of leaks – call the experts for pumping water, drying stretch material , restoration of electrical communications.

Is it possible to avoid this? Yes, if the tension in the design of the ceiling to provide a special drain plug. Then you do not need help from the outside and you ‘ll be able to drain the water through the hole .

Thus, if to anticipate all the problems we have described , we can say with confidence that the installation of stretch ceiling in the bathroom is really profitable , convenient, practical , durable and aesthetically pleasing finish for this room .

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