Supply materials during repair apartment

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Supply of materials during the repair of an apartment – You decide what you will do in his apartment overhaul. Overhaul – costly , and much of the construction costs of supplying the necessary materials . And therefore, not without reason, the question arises whether it is possible to buy the most necessary materials , if yes, then how?

How is the supply ?

Basically, if you contact the developer , they will offer you their services for the purchase of necessary building materials . They make two estimates for the supply of materials roughing and finishing materials. By rough materials include – dry mix , cable, pipe , primer, putty . By finishing materials – doors , flooring , wallpaper, plumbing , paint. While estimates are included in the costs of handling and transport services. After payment to the company will provide the necessary building materials. The remaining amount paid by the client according to the order prescribed in the contract .

Buy themselves or to entrust to specialists ?

Here, the customer decides whether he will purchase certain materials or all fully committed to the company . What we can do ?
Of course, the purchase of rough materials are best left to professionals – builders . Since they can most accurately calculate the required amount , taking into account the specificity of each room. Another plus trust the experts – they will provide a guarantee of quality materials. And if the material is found to be defective will be nobody to ask . Suppliers are well aware of this , so care about the quality , and select only high-quality material .

Supply materials during repair apartment

Task of the designer is to develop several options appearance of your future home, thus to consider the wishes and whims of the customer and the cost of materials. The designer will help you make a list of the necessary finishing materials. Selection of finishing materials shall be included in the supervision for the repair of your apartment. And these materials you can purchase themselves , in consultation with the designer and builders.

And before you decide who is it that will supply the necessary building materials , pay attention to the following factor . In most cases, a company offering their services for the supply of materials at prices that are usually lower than in specialized stores . And this is easily explained – the company buys materials in bulk .

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