Supply materials during repair cottage

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Supply materials during  repair cottage – If you plan to repair the cottage , then you need to evaluate several factors : what age and decrepitude of the house , the condition of the roof and floor , the condition of internal and external communications ( electricity, heating ) in what condition the walls, floor , ceiling , covering all areas. These factors will help to reach a decision which needs repair your house , redecorating, or repairs. It will also help to calculate the total cost of repairs , calculate the approximate timing and sequence of repairs.

The next thing we do , draw up a list of necessary construction materials and compile estimates.

Redecorating , then there is an easy update the interior of your home. Small changes will save you from troubles in the form of small peeled and / or outdated wallpaper, freshen rooms in the cottage, thereby improving the quality of life of the owners. It’s enough to paint the walls , or paste new wallpaper, replace flooring , replace the points and doors , with no need to involve communication and supporting structures . These work force under ordinary family consisting of two – three people.

Remodeling and repair, that is, radical changes . Complete change of the facade of the cottage , interior space and decoration , remodeling a bathroom, kitchen , alteration corridor hallway , bedroom and living room decoration . Upon completion of the overhaul of your house take on a completely new look. During overhaul performed plaster , putty and paint work . Produced laminate flooring. First comes the dismantling , then installation of suspended structures , partitions, windows . Changing roof, facade , pipes, updated engineering systems, in particular water, heating, sewage .

Supply materials during repair cottage

For thorough repairs you need the following materials : brick , cladding , roofing , finishing , insulation materials, you can purchase them as the construction market and in specialty stores. Only need to decide in advance the question of their delivery . The best option is to contact a specialized company which is engaged in repair work and knows what and how much you should buy .

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