Surface Electric Oven With Solid Reviews

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A heating surface ensures the continued readiness of the unit to work. Safety thermostat: temperature sensor shuts off the unit if there is danger of overheating. Dishes for easy movement on the work surface. The working surface of the smooth density mild steel is easy to clean.

Surface Electric Oven Range stop working

Easy cleaning thanks to round the corners of a wide drainage channel located on the perimeter of the working surface.
The index of the tightness of IPX5.
Easy access to all key components from the front.
Connection system THERMODUL enables you to create a seamless working surface, which prevents the accumulation of dirt and simplifies disassembly of aggregates.
The large display is made of tempered glass resistant to heat and chemicals. The display shows the temperature mode, as well as the State (on/off) of the unit and the heating elements.

Tight mounting surface with a round configuration of joints.
Standby mode to minimize power consumption, and fast heat-up if necessary to bring it to the maximum.

Two electronic sensor for each heating zone measure surface temperature and protect the working area from overheating.
8 power levels.

Metallic regulators with silicone inserts for easy use and cleaning. Unique design prevents regulators from getting liquids on the internal components of the unit.

Surface Electric Oven With Solid Reviews

Unsurpassed durability is guaranteed thanks to the internal frame made of stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301) 2 and 3 mm thick.
Easy cleaning thanks to flat surfaces.
The 20 mm edge countertops and in-depth plinth height 70 mm correspond to DIN 18860_2 and provide hygiene and ease of cleaning.
Top panel made of stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301) thickness 2 mm.


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