The system of preventive maintenance access control system preventive maintenance checklist

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The system of preventive maintenance

The system of preventive maintenance of electrical equipment

To ensure reliable operation of electrical equipment is a system of preventative maintenance (CPD ) . This is due to the fact that premature wear of the parts and electrical parts above the permissible may crash its failure . Therefore, the main task of maintenance of electrical equipment is to keep it in constant working order.

The system of preventive maintenance of equipment includes two kinds of works – TBO and periodic scheduled maintenance operations. Routine maintenance consists of current and capital repair of electrical equipment.

TBO includes the following operations: a systematic inspections of equipment , control of mode of operation , check the degree of contamination and heat , the correct operation of switching equipment , the level and availability of oil , safety grounding , if necessary – tightening bolts , grease elimination of minor faults. TBO is operational and on-duty personnel , as well as personnel , followed by one or the other fixed equipment , machinery, machine , welding machine , etc.

TBO has preventive , ie deterrent value , its purpose – to identify the equipment on which to conduct an immediate maintenance. Typically, such a conclusion is given the staff maintenance services directly performing these works .

Current repair is minimal in terms of repairs to the dismantling of electrical equipment.

During the current repairs clean off dust and dirt , replace or restore individual components and machine parts , eliminate minor faults and damage , restore electrical connections are secure , remove insulation defects , replace the burned contacts of power transformers , circuit breakers , oil circuit breakers , circuit breakers , replace butter or topped up with him, brush holders repaired with replacement brushes , springs and flexible connections , check the simultaneous lowering of brushes on the slip rings motors with wound rotor , cleaned the relay contacts or arcing contacts starting equipment with soot and residue melting or replace the burned contacts , etc.

Current repairs carried out by the following documentation :

a) Technical description and user maintenance and installation ;

b) Form for the machine for which you need to keep records of their technical condition and operating data ;

a ) a passport for the electrical specifications of which are guaranteed by the manufacturer;

g ) A statement of spare parts, tools , supplies and materials.

Overhaul is a must after the equipment has fulfilled the period specified by the manufacturer. When major repairs produce complete disassembly of electrical equipment, replace any worn parts, upgrade individual elements .

The repaired electrical equipment is checked and tested in accordance with the TOR . Overhaul of electrical equipment produced by a specially prepared technical documentation , which consists of the following documents:

– Total repair manual ;

– A Guide to overhaul ;

– Technical specifications (TS ) for the overhaul ;

– Rates of materials and spare parts.

Works performed repairs are made by special act of acceptance of repair work to which are making protocols and acts on the results of measuring the electrical insulation of the equipment , earth resistance , chemical analysis of the oil , checking the adjustment of relay protection devices and circuits auxiliaries .

Period of electrical equipment between the two scheduled repairs ( regular ) is called the overhaul period . Turnaround time between scheduled overhauls called the repair cycle.

For efficiency of preventive maintenance equipment is important organization filing operated electrical equipment. Recorded in the files of all cases of failure of the electrical defects discovered during its inspections , as well as information on prevention trials and repair. The analysis of such filing allows you to set the most appropriate mode of operation for electrical operated .

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