Techniques to properly insulate the attic

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Techniques to properly insulate the attic

No need to be a fanatic to think about ecology loft insulation and it offers many advantages . You will learn how to perform this task according to the rule of art: the types of materials to choose from, the process , the tools etc … You will benefit from the various financial aid granted by the state, local governments and certain private organizations , if you are eligible .

The attic insulation in your home is a very beneficial project because it optimizes comfort whether in summer or winter . You use less energy for heating in the winter because loft insulation reduces heat loss. In summer, the rooms are cooler because insulation prevents heat from the outside to invade . Depending on the materials used , loft insulation also reduces the impact of external noise. To succeed loft insulation in your home , you have to choose the type of material to use. Discover the different methods that will help you achieve your goals more easily.

Isolate lost roofs : the different types of insulation

To meet the needs of consumers, manufacturers of materials used to insulate the attic offer a wide variety of products. You must choose the type of insulation depending on their needs and taking into account certain criteria. First, there is loose fill that stand out for their light weight and ease of installation . They are suitable for insulating attics . To ensure the effectiveness of the insulation was to go far sizing thickness. If you use rock wool , it is advisable to choose rolls or panels of 22.2 cm thick to ensure performance . You should know that this type of insulation does not show an excellent performance in the summer. The tissue paper is a material that provides comfort in summer. But if you can spend a budget of just over 35 ? / M² , it is recommended to insulate your lost with expanded perlite to ensure the comfort of your home attic.

Isolate inhabited attic: types suitable insulation

For loft insulation inhabited , you have many more choices : glass wool and rock wool are the most used , although they do not provide the best results in summer materials. In addition, they must be installed with a vapor barrier to minimize the effects of moisture and they are probably appreciated for their low cost. Expanded polystyrene, polyurethane and extruded polystyrene are also intended to isolate inhabited attic. These synthetic materials provide better insulation compared to previous materials and do not require the use of a vapor barrier. However, you should know that the polyurethane is expensive , there should be ? 65 / m². If you are looking for comfort in summer , opt for wool for soil or wood wool . If you live in areas that are affected by the heat wave in the summer, these types of insulation are the best.

Techniques to properly insulate the attic

How to insulate the attic ?

To succeed in his attic insulation , we must begin by properly prepare the surface to be covered . It must be flat and well treated with an insecticide and a fungicide to prevent mold and boring . To avoid mistakes in measurements , lay a board or a roll of insulation against the surface to cover and mark the width of the spaces between the rafters of the roof with a marker. With a large pair of scissors or a knife , cut the insulation leaving one or two inches to fit between the rafters. If you plan to insulate your attic yourself , the next step requires the help of another person. Glue the insulation against the roof tucked- force between the rafters and you can fix them with glue , screws or staples. Some use a gardening net stapled to the rafters to hold the assembly on the roof insulation . Finally, cover the insulation with a large plate of chipboard or plasterboard that you can fix with an electric screwdriver in the rafters. Finally , the panels can be painted for more aesthetic .

Insulate the attic : the various financial aid

As part of the home improvement and environmental protection , the State , local authorities and some private organizations offer financial aid and grants to support individuals who wish to insulate the attic of their home . Financial aid is granted under certain conditions. For example you can ask if you can get one of these grants to make your project cost  .

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