Technological implementations from Electrolux

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GlassSare is a mode designed to gently care for thin glass. Products are washed at a reduced temperature and rinsed at 60 degrees, which guarantees protection from damage.

AquaControl is an absolute protection technology against leaks. Prevents the emergency spilling of water on the floor and significantly prolongs the life of the equipment. If there is a breakdown, the unit disconnects from the network, cuts off the water supply and goes into the waiting mode for repairs.

AirDry is an automatic airing system for dishes. At the end of the detergent cycle, PMM opens the door a few centimeters, organizing an influx of air for natural drying.

TimeBeam is a feature that allows you to track the time before the end of the current program. The machine projectes a contrast beam on the floor, which accurately reflects the minutes before the deadline.

The disinfection regime is aimed at creating the most uncomfortable (or rather, murderous) environment for microbes. The heat reaches the mark of 68 degrees, which allows to destroy the bacteria in fact in full composition. The program is ideal for decontaminating children’s dishes, and even do not have to use detergents.

Technological implementations from Electrolux

What do all dishwashers have in common?

Modern dishwashers of any brand, be it Bosch Electrolux or Indesite quite a lot in common, despite the fact that their appearance may differ. The main similarity in the functions and location of the internal elements. Going to the outlet, specializing in the sale of household appliances, you can conduct an experiment. Approach the row with the dishwashers and open the doors of several of them. Inside each you will see roughly the same sprinklers, roughly the same baskets and trays.

If you get the concept of a dishwasher, you will realize that the similarities between different models of machines are much more than differences. Although they differ in design and size and software packages and the presence of various specific functions, but still the concept applies to all models.

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