technology installation of suspended ceilings

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technology installation of suspended ceilings

Technology installation of stretch ceiling is quite simple , but requires care and attention , as well as to carry out work in accordance with established rules and security settings , you need special tools for mounting . Installation of stretch ceiling should be done at the last stage of repair, before mounting your .

For installation of stretch ceiling should measure the room and made ​​up the standards of order making a film with piping . Usually fabric is welded from several parts of a width of about one and a half meters and a thickness of half a millimeter on glossy stretch ceilings with visible fine line interface , and on the mat at all noticeable .

Around the perimeter of the room, on the walls of the box or plasterboard fixed plastic ( for curved surfaces ) or aluminum ( flat surfaces ) profile , usually at a distance of not less than four inches from the lowest level of the main ceiling, but if you want sidebar fixtures , height is reduced by another few centimeters. Next , the film is fixed to corners of the room to special clips, and after using the heat gun , the room is heated to a temperature of from forty to sixty degrees. The process of editing the film begins with a film edge filling the opening slots profile, and after the film edges are neatly tucked into the frame and the air in the room cool enough , the film shrinks and becomes perfectly flat .

Where floor space than fifty square meters , the film is attached to the further rib . With such ceilings easily use all kinds of lights, but their power is limited to sixty -watt incandescent light bulbs , and up to thirty- six for halogen . Fixtures are fixed on the ceiling , and make holes in the tension  special ring . The entire installation process takes a ceiling of four hours , not including installation of fixtures .

technology installation of suspended ceilings

Before starting the installation of stretch ceiling is recommended seal the polyethylene window openings . It is not recommended to start the installation of the ceiling after wallpapering , otherwise the temperature drop , wallpaper dry out and recover from the wall.

The remaining gap between the ceiling and the wall tension can be repaired special decorative cap (ordered from the supplier stretch ceiling ) or ceiling moldings . Stretch ceilings are high quality to withstand great strain and tear strength .

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