The advantages of halogen lamps

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Halogen lamps have become very popular in many homes. They are ideal for interior decorations in the room. These lamps are often used not only designers, but and ordinary consumers.

The main advantages of halogen lamps:

  • radiate a beautiful bright light, which is a bit different from conventional lamps, it allows you to create a unique mood in the Interior rooms;
  • Universality. Halogen lamps can be used as a general and decorative lighting; They allow not only well to illuminate a room, but can her beautifully decorated;
  • Great variety of lamps. Not only can you replace conventional incandescent, but additionally decorate the room with decorative halogen lamps.
  • Small size lamps allow easy to install decorative lighting in the room;
  • Halogen lamps are more durable. They can last from 2 to 5 times longer than ordinary light bulbs;
  • High luminous efficacy. Unlike incandescent lamps, halogen lamps can emit 20 to 100% more light while consuming the same power.
  • Is energy efficiency. By increasing the efficiency of conventional incandescent lamps can be replaced with halogen, thus reducing power consumption when same power light;
  • A constant amount of emitted light unabated for long time use.

Multifunction halogen lamps available on the market for many years, but most consumers still not familiar with the features of their application. With their attractive, “brilliant” white light, halogen lamp enhances the character of modern interiors, and their small size allows practically unlimited internal lighting. Halogen lamp can be used for general lighting (for example, installed in the ceiling), can also work well as backlight, in such areas as bathroom or living room, lighting up the selected items.

Halogen lamps on the market are available in several models. Knowledge of the major differences between them, will allow you to better navigate while using them when you need goals. First of all commercially available are divided into the bulbs that consume low tension and regular network voltage. First, usually consume voltage 12 v and used mainly in decorative lighting. Their main advantage is the possibility to mount in a thin structure.

Please note that low-voltage lamps require extra space for the installation of a separate transformer (it is usually located at the base of the lamp). Thus, in everyday use, more convenient to use halogen lamps with a voltage of 230V. This type of lamps can be purchased almost everywhere. You can replace traditional incandescent decorative halogen.
Halogen lamps differ in form and structure. For sale is a lamp with a reflector (reflector looks like mini-full), and without the reflector. The last are intended for installation in a desktop lamp, as well as in decorative lamps.

The advantages of halogen lamps

The same halogen lamps differ from conventional incandescents? People use halogen lamps because of their purely practical advantages. They will last longer and produce more light than a standard bulb. In addition, is more economical and bright. Unfortunately, both types of lamps are heated to high temperatures and the life of tungsten filament is reduced. In halogen lamps are used special items from the Group of halogens go for, such as fluoride, chromium and iodine, which reduces the influence of high temperatures. The constant improvement of the technology of halogen lamps allows to keep the fashion for their use, they also are becoming more popular in use.

Advantages and disadvantages of halogen lamps. A halogen lamp bulb for principle and structure can be compared with the usual, The advantages of halogen lamps halogen lamps have become commonplace in our homes. They are ideal for interior design, The use of incandescent lamps for general lighting is allowed only,The advantages of halogen lamps in comparison with incandescent, Without such a genius invention like a lamp, today no longer dispenses, In halogen lamps very useful advantages.

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