The dog is afraid of thunder and shot What to do

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If the dog is afraid of thunder and loud noises

Often, dogs with weak nervous system are afraid of loud noises. This is due either to heredity or negative experience with the dog (for example, the puppy survived the shock after the fall on him any subject). Get rid of these fears is quite real, importantly, show maximum patience.

In sharp sounds (storm, fireworks, fireworks, explosions of firecrackers) while walking home and stroking the dog, distract her a treat, especially when it is alarming. You can divert pet execution. Tease a dog, giving and then taking away a favorite toy, a ball that cause growling and barking (rather than fear).

Take the kids pistol pistons and using it accustom your pet to loud noises under the scheme. Seat dog and sit down next to her. Hugging and stroking the dog, give him a treat, talk to him, when at the same time your assistant shoots a gun at a distance of 50 meters, gradually approaching to you, as the distance is reduced to 10 meters. When the dog gets used to shooting from a pistol children, replace it with a starter.

Always remember that the explosions of firecrackers and noise during the holidays may frighten your pet. It was during the holidays, many dogs run away from their owners in an unknown direction. So, for safety reasons before the holidays, during and after they wear on their dog leash and walk with him only.

If the dog is afraid of the shot

Among the hunting dogs as there are individuals, who are afraid of panic shot. This is an old hunting method is to accustom the dog to fire.

Dog put on a chain in the yard and do not give him food the whole day.

Then the hunter takes a dog in the field and tied to a tree or post with a chain. The owner departs 20 meters and makes a shot cartridge with reduced charge. The dog, of course, is frightened.

Task master: come and calm the dog, pet, friendly talk and give a treat.

Hunter did this a couple of dozen times, then stops 10 meters from the dog, and again twenty times shoots and the same time rewards the pet. Then untie the dog and lead home. Two days later the procedure is repeated.

Hunters say that this method is very effective. But the main thing is that the dog during this training was severely hungry.

These are different methods, different views. And, as we have seen, the hunters and the military people no longer approve harsh methods, but dog lovers companion – softer.

Nevertheless, those and other methods are quite effective. So if your dog is afraid of the noise of thunder, shot, do not worry, and patience, persistence and move towards your goal!

And now I propose to see the video, how to work with a dog that is afraid of the shot.


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