The best winter hydration tips for your skin

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Dehydration and dry skin are considered frequent companions in winter and, unfortunately, can cause damage to your facial skin. Severe cold can lead to a decrease in sebum production, which makes it difficult to maintain the level of hydration of the skin. Cold air also narrows pores and reduces circulation.

Online store professional cosmetics Simply Charm offers to understand the causes of dehydration and dry skin and to choose quality care to maintain the level of hydration in winter.


Too hot shower harms our skin

Yes, there is nothing better than having a cold day to take a bath or a hot shower, but actually too hot water is a big enemy for our skin, especially in winter. High temperature disrupts the natural process – skin hydration.

If you can’t do without hot water, don’t take a bath or shower for no more than 10 minutes. In this case, make it as gentle as possible for your skin, using safe means. Replace regular soap with a soft shower gel that includes oils rich in fatty acids or other vegetable oils.

Facial cleansing

In winter, go for a softer cleansing – before bedtime and in the morning, in order to remove the remnants of cream and other substances that have accumulated overnight. Pay attention to your cleansers. The foams and gels can be cleaned to perfection, which dries our skin strongly during this period. At this time it is necessary to choose the means which includes shea oil, for example. Such a remedy will soften the skin well and not dry it. And if your skin is very dry, the morning cleansing can be replaced only by skin toning.

Pick up winter cream

After cleansing the face, wet the skin with a soft dry cloth or waffle towel, then apply a nourishing cream. For the winter period, the cream should be chosen much more densely than the one you used in summer and autumn. It is a dense structure that will allow to keep the skin hydrated well, to heal cracks on dry and flaky skin. Choose a cream that includes glycerin or natural oils, which in turn form a protective film on the skin.

The best winter hydration tips for your skin

Replace the face tonic

The fact that the tonic for the face very often contains alcohol, which can only aggravate dryness. If you really like the feeling of freshness after the tonic, but you see that it is dry, then look at the composition. It is very important that it does not contain alcohol, but do not worry, its function of the tonic at the same time will not lose.

Face peeling – in moderation

The least of our skin during this period is scrubs and peels, which further deplete the skin and exacerbate irritation. Yes, exfoliation should be done, but it is desirable that this remedy includes milk and fruit acids. Avoid ingredients such as glycolic acid and do not use homemade coarse peels.

For the skin of your body, pick up a soft washcloth to avoid scratching. After a shower, wet the skin with a soft towel rather than completely wiping everything. Next, apply moisturizer or balm, the effect will please you very much!

Moisturize your room

Scientists strongly recommend using an air humidifier at home, because it affects not only the skin condition, but all our health. Low levels of moisture in the air contributes to the rapid aging of the skin, reducing immunity, which in turn entails viral and others.

Moisturize everything!

The arms and legs are also self-dry, as is the skin of the face. The fact that the skin on the legs is much thicker and rougher and there can form a dry and dead layer of skin, which then will strongly peel. Hands are also constantly exposed to bad weather conditions and frequent washing, so the issue of hydration of this area is very serious. Try to add extra to moisturize your hands with oily cream and for the legs also pick up the right cream.

Daily water rate

The level of hydration of the skin has a direct connection with the internal state of the body, which is one of the keys to the radiance of the skin. Try to drink 1-1.5 liters of water per day in small portions. Give up sugary and fizzy drinks, also eat less coffee.

Don’t forget your lips

The fact that the skin on the lips is very thin and vulnerable, so winter is a big test for our lips. Use lip cream to protect them. Also pay attention to lip balms, but know that not all balms automatically become useful, so make sure that such products include such components: bee or vegetable wax, natural oils (coconut, almond, jojoba), vitamins (A, E, C, F), pantenol.

Online store Simply Charm believes that in the cold and winter period your day is better to start with a smile. Winter is coming, so try to saturate your skin, moisturize it with useful means and fully enjoy the winter holidays..

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