The dishwasher does not drain or pour water

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Now let’s figure out what to do when the machine seems to be working, but the water does not enter it. One of the reasons already described above is the activation of aqua foot. The second cause is blockage in the filter installed on the water bay. It is cleaned easily with your own hands. To do this, unscrew the hose, then gently pliers need to get a grid and rinse it under a stream of water.

A more serious breakdown may be the failure of the filling valve, which is located just behind the filter. In most cases, it is not subject to repair, but replacement. You can check the valve contacts with a multimeter, but in addition to the electrical part, the valve can cause mechanical failure, jamming the sash in a closed position. All the reasons for the lack of water bay are information in the article Do not get water in the dishwasher. This publication details why water does not enter the dishwasher, including a video with additional explanations.

The opposite problem, when the dishwasher does not work, is the situation of lack of draining. In this case, there is water in the car’s cell, the car hangs at the washing or rinsing stage. The main reasons for Bosch’s dishwashers are:

Clogged cleaning filters – if you ignore the basic rules of operation, the problem is easily solved with your own hands;
inflection of the drain hose;
break the pump.

The dishwasher does not drain or pour water
It’s easy to eliminate filter blockage with your own hands. At the bottom of the dishwasher tank there is a flat metal mesh, and next to the glass-like element are filters of fine and coarse cleaning. These filters are easily removed, washed, and then put in place. It won’t take more than 10 minutes.
To check whether the drain hose is bent, you need to look behind the body of the dishwasher and see how the hose is installed, and most importantly – whether the machine is not on it. To replace and check the pump, you need to get to it through the bottom of the dishwasher. Before you change the pump, make sure it’s broken by checking it with a multimeter.

Resistance to the working winding should be about 1000 Om. In general, such a malfunction refers to a complex repair, so before you carry it out with your own hands, think about whether you can handle it.

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