Tips to Carpet Cleaner and remove stains

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Tips to Carpet Cleaner and remove stains-Carpet Cleaner, Carpets should be cleaned at least twice a week. Just spend a vacuuming choosing brushing mode. To maintain its original state, you must pass a hot iron in the footsteps of furniture and especially over the hairs that were crushed. To prevent one side is worn, be sure to change the direction of your carpet. Once a year, remember to rub it with a solution of shampoo to remove dust. Another natural cleaning involves washing the carpet with a sponge soaked in soapy water and rinse with vinegar water.

Remove a coffee stain

If your carpet has been stained by coffee, take the warmed glycerin that you apply to the affected area by rinsing with vinegar water. You can also apply a mixture of alcohol and water with 25% acetic acid. Coffee stains on carpet can be removed with sodium perborate. If your carpet is made ​​of synthetic fibers, rub it with a cloth on which you put a little glycerin. Rinse with warm water and let dry. If it is made of natural fiber, use a fabric with ammonia and some of the glycerin diluted in water.

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Remove an oil stain or beer

An oil stain is often difficult to remove, especially due to its bold appearance. If the carpet is made ​​of natural fibers, rub the stain with a cloth soaked in ammonia or apply an absorbent passing a hot iron over the paper. As synthetic fibers, the mat should be cleaned with a mixture of water and ammonia. If you have powdered earth, you can apply it to the stained area leaving act one hour before brushing. If you have soiled your carpet with beer, take a cloth that you soak in water mixed with dish soap and scrub. If the carpet is made ​​of synthetic fibers, always apply rubbing alcohol or water and ammonia.

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