Tips for repairing the windshield

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studded rubber. This means that all other motorists should be careful – they face repairs Windshield. With this in mind, it is advisable to keep a double distance on winter roads, as the stones flying out from under studded tires, threaten the appearance of cracks and chipped on the windshield of neighbors.

And if the cracks look more than depressing, then chipped, at first glance, seem quite harmless.
Damage to the windshield, experts divide into several types: cracks, scratches and chipped.
Most often from sighting stones in the windshield are formed exactly chipped, and if not in time to pay attention and not take measures to remove or repair them, then in the future from a small chipping can cracks form.

They are divided into: short (up to 15 cm) and long (more than 15 cm). Both are being repaired. It’s worse than that.

dealing with the so-called “voltage cracks” that come from the edge of the glass, and there is no impact.

The modern windshield consists of at least three layers: internal glass, external and special film
between them. Damage to one of the layers entails the imminent repair of the windshield.

Repairing chipped windshields is a common practice today, but it is important to make it successful as quickly as possible after the damage to get to the service station. If such a
There is no possibility, put the defect on the glass with tape. This will prevent chipping from water, dirt or chemicals, for example, from a windshield wiper, and make it easier for the masters.

And, of course, before repairing the windshield should not wash the car or cover it with wax, otherwise you can get a pretty unexpected result. It would be a shame if after repairing the windshield the crack goes On. Chances are, this suggests that the cracks have not completely removed the contamination, polymers and moisture.

Tips for repairing the windshield

What is the repair of the windshield? The master dries, cleans the damage with a special device
and pulls the air out of it. Then, by switching the flag to the instrument, fills the crack or chipped transparent Polymer. If the repair is done qualitatively, the site of damage is almost invisible, and the windshield can serve it’s a long time.

However, windshield repair is not always a panacea and not all defects can be eliminated. You can repair only the windshield, which damaged the external laminated layer of glass. If the chipping damages two layer, then repair is not advisable.
And one last thing. Deciding to make a windshield repair, do not try to do it yourself.

Knowledgeable people claim that no “superglue” will glue the cracks on the glass. So it is better not to step on other people’s rake, and entrust the work to professionals.

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