Tips and tricks for building and decorating laundry area

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Tips and tricks for building and decorating laundry area-Your laundry area is probably one of the parts of your home and ignored but also always uses. Install the laundry in the kitchen or the bathroom is the most common situation. Here you have the choice between integration directly post the laundry room or use a system partition. The first solution would be to cram a washer and dryer under the work surface. Furthermore, such as dishwasher tucked under the sink in the kitchen, and hide the bodies under the sink or tub and separate result since no longer see window.

If you have a bathroom or kitchen, it is advisable to divide your washing area. Spend some part to the new ceiling and shelves and bookcases in height. Cabinets are essential in the laundry room so you should plan where to place them and what kind of cabinets to use what is appropriate for a small space. A curtain then determines that part of the rest of the room. If you need more space for a dryer, dryer system prefers that attaches to the wall or retractable cord tensioning both disappear after use.

Tips and tricks for decorating a laundry area

For more ideas on how you can decorate your laundry area, functional excellence equal angle, washing should not necessarily synonymous with sad. If you have the budget, you can adopt a colorful and hardware designs. Moreover, if separate laundry area, it is advisable to play on the contrast of colors with paint and a shade different from the rest of the room on the walls. On Earth, it is wise to install linoleum or seaweed to reduce vibrations caused by machines.

Dining Kitchen And Laundry Area

Storage rack as indispensable in the laundry room to put the necessary washing products. Feel free to decorate each shelf through painting or covered with fabric plasticized nice. Also a pretty colorful linen boxes and accessories to match. To separate the clothing from the rest of the room, use a nice corner curtain. Healing light, so as not to strain your eyes, especially when ironing. Finally, decorate the walls at your leisure using mirrors, decorative stickers.

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