Tips and tricks to protect themselves without use curtains

Tips and tricks to protect themselves without use curtains In the category Safety repairs Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about Tips and tricks to protect themselves without use curtains.

Tips and tricks to protect themselves without the use of curtains-Install fabric panels. Most original curtains, fabric panels are ideal to overcome the problems. They are characterized by one or more strips of fabric and also arise well before a door in front of a window. Opting for the latter allows you to enjoy a wide choice of colors and thickness of the fabric. One can choose models patterned or plain, roughly blackout. The fabric panels rest on tape or on rails and a must for decor is to stack several to enjoy the original and aesthetically pleasing result.

Putting stickers patterned or frosted effect

Very aesthetic and adapting to any decorative style, the stickers can be used to protect the eyes. Here, one can opt for the famous patterned stickers which are available in all shapes and sizes possible, but it is also wise to obtain stickers frosted effect that bring the illusion of having opaque and blurred windows. The first alternative is perfectly suited to living rooms. We can be seduced by shadow representing all shapes, landscapes, etc. For the second solution, it is recommended to order custom stickers.

Tips and tricks to protect themselves without use curtains

Appealing to plants

Vegetation is a very effective solution to replace the curtains and hide a window. However, for it to fulfill this role, it is recommended to choose relatively high and quite bushy plants. The ideal is to opt for bamboo, varieties of palm and fern. In addition to well hide the openings, they have the advantage of being easy to maintain and help create a peaceful atmosphere. Generally, plants are installed on the window sill or on a balcony, just before the opening. However, if the context does not allow it, simply install them inside the house.

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