tools for laying parquet

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Sooner or later, in any house or apartment comes a series of repairs. Well – and elite buildings eventually give in to wear and require the intervention of workers. Perhaps you have decided to change the flooring and replace the boring linoleum better and more durable parquet. Well, if you entrust the repair and furnish the cottage professional firms. Not bad, if you engage yourself laying the floor . This, by the way , you can essentially save their money , not ” throwing away ” money to pay for the wizard , and, therefore , will cost you a repair of an apartment inexpensively.

Consider what tools will be needed to work on their own hardwood .
Basic tools for laying and repairing flooring

To lay or repair flooring, you will need: planer , saw, jack-plane , a hammer , a chisel , a square , ruler, meter – with these instruments of labor is more or less clear , their purpose is known to the majority, and therefore dwell on them in detail , we we will not.
More specific tools for laying parquet are:

 Parquet hammer – a special tool with a beveled toe, allowing to strike the edges of the flooring without undue damage to the ridges , grooves and edges of the cover .

 Comb – a trowel used to align the cold mastic . The toothed portion on the surface of the comb creates mastic wavy lines , contributing to its rapid solidification .

tools for laying parquet

 Cycle – Edged steel plate with a curved sharp edge scrapers for wood flooring. For a more comfortable work , they require periodic sharpening .
Special tools for cutting and fitting of parquet boards

When small amounts of work for the cutting and fitting of parquet boards use special tools such as a portable power saw or circular saw with light parquet placed at the working shaft of a circular saw , knife and cutter drum for guiding treatment floorboard.

If the repair and decoration of the cottage is carried out by specialized companies , most of all, their specialist will be equipped with an electric tool to precisely adjust the depth of cuts and cut the material in different directions. If you decide to repair the apartment inexpensively and on their own , it is also not at all really a daunting task . Lay the flooring and repair possible without the intervention of third parties – just carefully read the step by step directions for the conduct of such activities , which can be easily found on the Internet.

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