Tools for painting works

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Tools for painting works – Painting Tools – a set of required equipment that performs paint and finishing work.

Brushes are a number of requirements for quality performance . Quality brush should gain the necessary amount of ink and keep it that when you transfer from the vessel to a place of work is not dripping paint .

Nice and clean brush evenly apply paint to the surface. Online , you can see a variety of types of tools , plastic , metal and wood handle. Working material acts Bristex , squirrel hair, horse hair and synthetic fibers.

Kinds and purpose :

Round brush stained windows and doors profiles
Flat used for varnishing wood materials
Long curved brush design used for staining cells and other hard to reach places


To perform painting need to have several types with different size trowel blade and material:

Chrome steel spatula is used to apply the solution onto the working surface . Pen tool can be plastic or wood .
Steel front with a comfortable handle is used on large surfaces
Rubber spatula indispensable tool where there is a bulge on the surface .

Tools for painting works


Indispensable when working on large areas. Using a nebulizer can be quickly and accurately paint the ceiling. At home, use the manual option, which is applied to the adhesive and mortar.
Sales have special nozzles that can spray any paint and varnishes . From gun coating evenly colored and the quality of work is much higher than with a brush .


Pretty simple and reliable assistance for paint specialist. Rollers vary in design, size and operating materials and length of pile:

Fur nozzle is designed to work with paint and varnish
Velour cushion gives perfect surface smoothness
Nylon roller used in the application of waterborne paints
Cushion polyester used for staining the work surface dispersion paint

Foam rollers are stained only glue paints
Each painting tools designed to perform its function and should be used only for its intended purpose .

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