Triggering protection against leaks

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Not all equipment is equipped with The AquaStop function, but the latest models from the middle and high price category always provide this degree of protection. During the system is triggered, the machine stops the water intake and makes an error, but more often blinks the crane. The removal of the failure is detailed in the corresponding publication on the Aqua Stop hose.

Bosch’s fixed PMM after years of operation can stop work for one of the reasons. Often, this STOP in the work is accompanied not by the error code, but by the flashing icon “Crane.” Let’s take a look at why Bosch dishwasher issues crane error.

The machine doesn’t turn on

Immediately suspicion falls on the mechanism of the button inclusion: although it is designed for 1 million inclusions, but there are different cases because of weak contacts. If the home master is able to handle the multimeter, it is not a problem: call contact groups to make sure they are healthy.

It is worth checking the health of the power cable, sockets – sometimes the repair of the Bosch machine with their own hands begins with these events. If everything is healthy, you need to test the control module. At home, you need a professional master from a service center who dismantles the right part and tests it in the laboratory.

Water does not come and does not merge

Triggering protection against leaks

One reason we have analyzed in detail – it concerns the Aquastop system, the second may be because of the clogging of the filter. With its cleaning can be quite easy to cope without much knowledge of technology – unscrew the hose of the bay, carefully pull out the mesh filter and wash it under a stream of water.

The filling valve, located just behind the filter, may also be faulty, but it is not repaired, but simply replaced with a new device. Details of the repair can be viewed on the video, which is many on the Internet.

Sometimes it happens: water enters the unit, but the machine hangs on the rinse mode, in this case there are only three reasons:

The drain filter is clogged and easily solved on its own.
There was an inflection of the water drain hose.
The pump needs to be repaired or replaced.

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