Turnkey construction of swimming pools

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Turnkey construction of swimming pools : luxury or affordable fun

Everyone dreams of owning your own house necessarily draws in their dreams picture relaxing with family and friends on hot summer days in your own backyard , by the pool with clear water . Therefore, once the end of the construction of the house itself , and begin equipping local area, the question becomes relevant turnkey construction of the pool .

When the size of the pool matters

If the decision regarding the need for a pool is accepted, the beginning of work on its construction depends on many factors that should be kept in mind.

First of all , you need to decide on the financing of the event , because as when buying a car in the materials and components for the pool has a gradation in the mid-range and premium options.

Number of family members and methods of use of the pool directly affect the choice of its size and shape. If the pool to splash around in it just may have a diameter of about 4-5 meters at a depth of just over a meter , then for those who want to swim the length of the mortgage is less than 8.6 meters makes no sense.

When choosing the depth of the pool is better not to plan a maximum – the cost of building a pool depth of more than two meters is very high, and enough for comfortable cruising and less than a half-meter depth.
The shape and location of the construction of the pool , what is important

Any deviation from the increasingly adopted a rectangular shape complicate the project , including the planning of the extraction-injection of water and, therefore , is to build a pool price will be higher than the standard . But such forms of pools, as oval , round, octagonal in shape , despite the price , quite often chosen owners.

Turnkey construction of swimming pools

When planning for the Basin and its entry in the surrounding landscape , in addition to the aesthetic qualities you need to have in mind some of the nuances . During the construction of the pool in the open air to remove it from the tree – or guaranteed by a constant struggle with leaves floating on its surface. Pool- in the yard does not require the diversion of steam systems and ventilation , its installation is cheaper and enjoy a swim in the nice weather is limitless. With its installation also need to pay attention to wind- protection of its location , which then prevents him from entering the waste from the site.

The pool , built in a closed visit, has the advantage regardless of weather conditions , requires no preparation for the winter season , it is easier to maintain. But it requires a separate room , well-warmed , ventilated and has excellent waterproofing .

In order to keep the water in the pool long remained fresh and clean , requires powerful equipment , which organizes the system of biological and chemical purification and filtration.

Design features , sophisticated filtering and purification systems , quality of construction work on arrangement – all these moments are best left to a professional organization for execution .

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