Types of mosquito nets

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The main function of mosquito nets is to not have the insects and all kinds of debris fly into the room. But despite this they too are different. So, allocate the following varieties of mosquito nets:

Framework of mosquito nets is the most common type. The grid does not need to be removed when the sash is closed. The frame is usually aluminum or PVC.

These grids are usually white or brown. But, if you want, you can paint it any color of your choice. Mosquito net framework robust, reliable, durable, can withstand any weather conditions (temperature, getting direct sunlight).

In turn, they can be installed on a z-brackets. The first are mounted on the outside, are held by grooves, on the top and bottom of the window. The second are inserted between the sash and the window, which was deepening. For drill hole in the leaf on the side. The grid on the mount streets cannot be removed.

Door mosquito nets are mainly used for balconies and verandahs. This is the door that opens to the outside. Holds hinged door. It is closed tightly with Ribbon magnets that attach to the frame grid. The mosquito net is very easy to use, because it is easy to remove from loops.

Types of mosquito nets

Mosquito nets coils-convenience in use. If it is not needed, it can be put together in a box that is mounted above the window. The mosquito net is installed on the frame from the outside. Roll unfold and fix by means of latch or a rope at the bottom of the grid. Is also durable.

A mosquito net on the Ribbon is the budget option, but will not too long (max. 3 years). Is it from the inside to the frame using the Velcro. The grid can be fastened on a completely different to fit the window, easy to clean, space-saving.

“Sliding mosquito nets have a sliding system. Good to set it up on the balcony or terrace. Frame grid is constructed of aluminium, the movement occurs through the rollers and sliders. Open the sliding doors.

Mosquito net for pets is intended to ensure that animals are not able to climb out through a window. They are very durable and they could not squeeze out. But due to its density, they pass light less than everyone else. Care of mosquito nets is very simple. To clear them from dirt, just wipe with a damp cloth. If it is too dirty, you can wash it under running water. Wipe should be 2 times per summer.

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