Underfloor Heating Kit Laminate Floor Installation Reviews

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How to choose a laminate for underfloor heating, More recently, such material as laminate, not can be used for underfloor heating, covering for cracked, strongly reacted to the temperature jumps. But today the warm floor under laminate is entirely possible. The fact is that manufacturers are able to develop material that has coating on the inside. Is it allowed to apply laminate as a finishing coating for underfloor heating.

The principle of water warm floor

Warm water heating is one of the choices of warm floors. At the heart of this heating is the boiler. This item provides:

water heating – performance of the circulation of her through the pipes. Due to this, the surface of the floor is heated evenly.

Labelling laminate

In all spots of laminate is heat-insulating characteristics. It is necessary to heat the material deformation missed this. Marking can be found on the packaging. As a rule, here is the information about the color, the material and the maximum temperature mode. The temperature should not exceed 28 ° c. Alternatively, here indicates that the laminate flooring that will be used with warm water floor, not suitable for such systems as electric or film floors.

Quality insulation

Metric coefficient of thermal resistance is an important parameter. It should not be greater than 0,15 m2. m × k/W. Thermal coefficient of resistance associated with the quality of the laminate. From density and thickness will depend on this parameter. The best indicator of the thickness of the laminate range from 0.8 to 1 centimeter. Coverage can overheat if the change this thickness.

Underfloor Heating Kit Laminate Floor Installation Reviews

Class material

Due to the fact that laminate is exposed to the maximum loading in such a system, this material must possess. Thermal resistance class is 33 or 32. Such laminate can be used in warm water and electric floors.

Warm floor under laminate effectively complement and, in some cases, When installing underfloor heating should pick the appropriate type of laminate flooring, Warm floor under laminate floors today is not something kind of unusual, but quite commonplace, Select laminate laying on the warm floor, what kinds of error can be used, Laminate flooring can be laid even mounted warm floors. However, warm floor under laminate flooring to choose from, Now if you plan on assembling warm floor under laminate, must be among the variety of finishing materials to choose.


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