Unusual ways to remove stains reviews

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quik and easy ways to remove stains on clothes can appear incredibly quickly. While not always cannot wash, just his dirty thing in the washing machine and adding powder. What do you do? For removing stains are not necessarily acquire special cleaners, sometimes it is quite enough to use improvised things. It would seem that some funds are intended exclusively for its direct purpose and few people may think that they have alternatives to use. But even the most ordinary things is unusual application. Consider the TOP-10 of improvised means, available in every home, that can be used to remove a variety of stains from garments.


Need to remove stains from colored clothes, but you don’t know that will help you deal with that? Seemingly, this is total madness, but help you can come milk. It is enough just to load the dirty clothes into the bowl with the milk overnight and the next morning, wash as usual. Will not stain, saturated color of things continue, and you will be happy with the result!

Unusual ways to remove stains reviews


Don’t know what to wash dirty collar? It is known that this piece of clothing contaminated very quickly and wash her not so easy, as it may initially seem. In addressing this issue will help you cheap shampoo. He will speak as a cleanser and helps wash pollution from the collar of any clothing.


Stains from the handles are quite frequent problem pupils, students and all those who must often use this invention on duty. These spots are very well visible on white shirts and blouses, and to deal with them is not always easy. In this case, you can take a pretty good tool that allows you to quickly solve the problem-Hairspray. Suffice it to splash onto the stain Hairspray, and after a couple of minutes it will disappear.

Shaving cream

All the familiar situation where nothing seems augur misfortune, but during lunch ketchup accidentally splashes on your favorite shirt. Do not hurry to put on her cross and immediately carry into the trash can, as the situation can still be correct and will help you in this. shaving cream. Spray a small amount of shaving cream on the stain, rub lightly and let it dry. Then you should wash the thing in normal mode.


Everyone’s favorite soft drink Coca-Cola can be used not only for its primary purpose. Many people use it for different purposes, for example, clean toilets or car engines. In addition, use a Coke can and to remove blood stains from clothing. And though all this seems slightly ridiculous and absurd soaking clothing with stains of blood into Coca-Cola at night can help get rid of them. Try it, because it really works. At the same time, the soft drink would give the saturated color of your favorite clothes.


You must remove sweat stains with white clothes? Quite an unpleasant situation, but many deodorants-antiperspirants with aluminum, only exacerbate an already dire situation. The fact of the matter is that this component is able to react with salts of perspiration, resulting in a yellow highlight on the white clothes become more noticeable. In order to get rid of these stains, it is enough just to moisten them before washing with a little vinegar and wash as usual. By the way, just half a cup of vinegar per load washing machine will not only save an attractive original colour of garments, but also removes nasty plaque that appears after funds for washing.

Vegetable oil

Paint stains, trapped on a favorite pair of jeans or sweat pants, pull is extremely difficult, so in most cases such pollution mean parting with pants. To date, however, there are several ways to remove such stains, and one of them is to use vegetable oil. If the contamination occurred not very long and very slick had not yet had time to dry, then it is enough to apply a small amount of oil on your clothes and wait a few minutes. Next, you need to wash the jeans with the help of an ordinary dishwashing detergent. The result in most cases striking-spots disappear, and the thing retains its attractive appearance and rich original color.


Ideal tool for removing vomit, grass and other stains as well as traces of lipstick from clothing can become well-known vodka. It is enough just before washing things cause a bit of vodka on a rag and DAB the stain it. After washing, the result is truly spectacular. The liquid can be easily used for cleaning clothes with embroidery of beads. Vodka will not only clean, but also make fabric beads sparkling.

In addition, vodka can be used as a spray for clothes. It is known that any clothing absorbs odors that are not always pleasant. To help you combat special spray, prepared on the basis of vodka. To make it you need to mix water and vodka at a ratio of 5 to 1. For the best effect in the mixture, you can put a few drops of essential oil. The resulting spray will save clothes from the cigarette smell, but you can use it after washing, and separately.


Oh no, the handle flowed in the pocket of your favorite shirt? Don’t rush to send her to retire, because there is one tool that can help you get rid of ink stains. However, it is worth remembering that toothpaste can cope and deal with pollution, so it is worth at least a try. The result is increasingly dependent on the tissue from which the product is composed, and paint. Apply a small amount of toothpaste on the stain and wipe using a small piece of tissue. Next wash the thing under running water. Some ink pollution retired? Superb! In this case, repeat the whole process several times until finally get rid of ink stains. This same remedy you can try is to use and to remove clothing with traces of lipstick.

Nail polish remover

Shed glue on clothes? Don’t panic-it easily removes ordinary liquid nail polish remover. The only condition is that the fluid should never include acetone.

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