How to upgrade software of Motorola phone

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Motorola has a wide variety of cell phones and smart phones such as the RAZR, Backflip and Android. Some former Motorola phones are relatively simple, allowing users to do a little more to make phone calls, all new smartphones contain a complete set of functionalities and features. No matter what type of phone Motorola you have, it can probably benefit from receipt of an update. Updates are free and can be downloaded on the air directly from your handset Motorola, Motorola’s Web site or. Instructions

  • Click on the “Power” button to turn on your Motorola phone.
  • Go to the “Main Menu” and select “Settings”, then “” Telephone status. “.
  • Select “Software Update” and “order”. Wait for the phone to connect to Motorola and searches for an available update.
  • Install the update, if there is for your phone. You can also choose to install the update later.
  • Go to the website of Motorola and research for an update for your phone if your mobile operator does not support on – the – air update. If an update is available, connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable to install it.

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